Michelin Power Competition tire review│Part 1│First ride Impressions

Just got my hands on a pair of the new Michelin power competition tires. Wanted to get you my first impressions and let you know I will have a long term review to follow so please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it!

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Big Vegan Jeff says:

Thanks for this. I’ve used Pro4s for about 2-3 years now (I like them actually) and was curious how these compared. After these were released the price on Pro4s in 25 plummeted down to $25 on Amazon so I still have a few pairs to run through.

Luís Alves says:

No follow up video on this topic?

TheGreen Cyborg says:

just subbed! nice review! I just started vlogging as well. peace fellow velo vlogger! chee!

Dan Printup says:

ever try a vee rubber tire co. road runner? ready to ride my first crit. looking for a new set.

VeloViking says:

Hi Ricky !

Just discovered your channel and subscribed! Great videos!

I have just started a channel making videos my self. Please feel free to check it out!

Ride On

AP S says:

Tubulars rule. Once you’re used to them, you will never want to use clinchers again. Good videos.

1971hammydemuck says:

you can’t notice 20-30 grams for fuck sake

Dragases XI says:

The Pro4 was an awful tire?

fucktheworld1207 says:

Continental all the way…..

boostdoctor says:

Any updates on these tires?

Victor Guillen says:

On my used bike buy which is an old Felt F95, it had Michelin Pro3. I replaced those tires with continental gators. but Michelin left behind some tar like residue. elbow grease took them off.

Benjamin Shockley says:

I’ve had these on Pair of Easton EA90 SLs I bought as an inexpensive wheel set to improve an entry level Allez. They were a bitch to mount and it did take a long time for that white stuff to truly wear off, but they really are a great tire. Very sticky and snappy and I really do welcome the supple Michelin ride.

Charles Rush says:

Your review wasn’t accurate for this tire. I’ve used them all Summer 2016 and my review of them, at least the 25C, is they are better than any other brand I’ve tried in the last 8 years or so. I don’t even know how many different brands that is so I won’t name them, but these tires don’t puncture on chip seal and there is a lot of that shit around here. I’ve had no problem mounting them without levers and the coating is just that, a coating that wears off quickly. They do wear fast however and I’ve gone through five tires throughout the Summer, which I blame the chip seal for that. I think they roll pretty good, at least I had excellent control on fast descends. I would recommend this tire over Vittoria or Conti any day. The next tire I plan to give a try is the Specialized Turbo because I would like to try a 28C and the Michelins don’t come in 28C.

singletrackftw says:

Cool to see you at the shop yesterday, keep up the videos man! So many channels out there are doing creative vlogs basically about “nothing” so it’s cool to see you putting these videos together in a similar style but with bike content, cycling maven does some cool vids as well. Get that YouTube money so you can get a drone!

Hayden Palmer says:

how are tires stiffer i cant tell when i ride. I can only what gets punctures easily.

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