Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Review and First Trail Ride

The Merax Finiss Aluminum 21-speed Mountain Bike is available online for around $200. After many requests, I purchased one from Walmart for $186 on sale.

The bike has a 6061 aluminum frame, aluminum alloy components to save weight, and disc brakes. The 26″ wheels are double wall and ship with somewhat generic Kenda (no model given) tires that have more of a hybrid bicycle tread than what is needed on a proper mountain bike.

This mountain bike is overbranded. Meaning there are Merax, Finiss, or combination of other logos and names all over the bicycle. This gives an otherwise beautiful bike a look that seems too busy for the MTB style. On top of that, some of the stickers and labels have broken english, just don’t make sense, or are poor quality knockoffs of popular brand components.

Looks aside, the components seem to be very nice for this price range mountain bicycle. The only questionable component choices are the 26×1.95 Kenda hybrid tires and the low quality appearance of the stem. It seems durable, but does have mold and/or manufacturing marks and indentations.

On the trail this bike is initially rough riding due to the overly stiff suspension and thin tires, but it quickly settles in and rides very well. I believe that with proper mountain bike tires this bike will be an excellent trail bike for beginners. It climbs better than any mountain bike i’ve ever ridden. Everyone that rode the bike said the same thing.

Overall I think this is a great bike for the price, but potential buyers need to consider the additional assembly and adjustment, and also that they will likely need other tires for trail riding.

Merax Finiss MX307 Passion Men’s mountain bicycle.


the tech byte says:


Curtis Garnsworthy says:

if someone needs to visit a bike shop to install a brake rotor they need to be euthanized

Jacques Farine says:

Sealed bearings wheel front I noticed on your fotage of the bike , and the back hub is sealed bearings or not?

nitrous07me says:

Great video, luv the cheap bike reviews

NovusHampshire says:

The nice thing about those 26″ bikes, parts are dirt cheap right now. I picked up a decent Rock Shox Dart 3 for $50

Durrant Miller says:

I love that paint job. Seems like a really good frame for the money if you bought better components that bike could be really good

yoshidude 52 says:

Review the haro flight line

NovusHampshire says:

Another great video! You mentioned that it had a bolt on rear wheel, the Boundary has that too.

PS. If you ever look at fat bikes, Mongoose has some $300 ones that would be cool to look at, and even some $600-$1,800 fat bike options. I was actually looking at a $2,600 Mongoose haha

Evan Lloyd - MTB and More says:

Yea that suspension looks way less than 80 mm.

Nick Fanella says:

You might want new tires after the finess finessed you out of shop costs

Jogie Glen Mait says:

those stem spacers are…generous.

PhantomRider86 says:

Great video, Kev !
When I was first getting into mountain biking I went with the dept. store bike first (Royce Union from Sports Authority). Bought it in a box, built it up, rode off a curb and the rear wheel bearing went. Even on a later bike, Schwinn Rocket 1 “full-sus” while riding a rough trail I broke the rear shock mount. So I only buy higher end MTB’s now because they can put up with the punishment dept. store bikes just can’t.
I like the video format with the bike build up, on the trail and post-ride thoughts. It packs a lot of information into a short video. Weirdly enough, they are also very relaxing…your the Bob Ross (painter) of MTB !!!! (this is meant to be a compliment).
Keep up the great work, Kev !!

Tommy Cuthbert says:


Liam Hangen says:

Buy some shock grease. Drop the lowers off the fork and put some of that grease on the seals. it will make such a difference

Nate Dawg says:

Please make a new video on the Raleigh Tokul 1

Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol says:

Your hitting it out of the park kev with consumer report level videos without a doubt. Professional caliber high quality reviews. Thanks, the public appreciates your efforts.

hawkshot2001 says:

How hard is it to put on a solid fork, remove the middle sprockets/derailleur and make a Redux clone out of a bike?

Steven Tracy says:

The reason it climbs hills easier is because of the thinner tires.

Footballfan16 says:

Save up your money to buy a nice bike

J B says:

You should Frankenstein that bike put some cheap suntour forks and fatter tires

Michael Smith says:

I recently discovered your channel, and I’m really enjoying these budget bike reviews. It’s funny, when I first got into mtb back in the 90’s when I was a kid, most mtbs had 1.95 tires. Anything over a 2.0 was huge, lol.

ratoneJR says:

some quality 26 x 1.95 tires will make it a nicer ride

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