Maxxis Enduro Tire Line-Up Breakdown & Review

Today we are going over the 5 main staples in Maxxis Tires’ Enduro Line-Up. This video goes into detail about all the different specs you can purchase these tires in, the differences between their models, and my personal setups for wet & dry. I hope you find this video informative and that you next tire purchasing experience is a little easier next time! I’ll see you out on the trail, Cheers!

Video Summary:
1. Tire Specifications
0:18 – Casing
0:40 – Wide Trail Option
1:11 – Compound
1:40 – TPI
2:08 – Tubeless Ready
2:13 – Tire Sizes

2. Tire Line-Up

2:45 – Minion DHF

3:30 – Minion DHR 2

4:12 – Highroller 2

5:00 – Shorty

6:00 – Aggressor

3. Personal Tire Set-Up
7:06 – Dry Tires
7:45 – Wet Tires



Hi alex, I was wondering, are you a sponsored rider?

Matt Ziggy says:

SB6? I love my ASR5 but maaan. I want the switch technology!

justin in buffalo says:

quick question..I just bought maxxis ardents with the wire ..doesn’t say tubeless but can I still do tubeless??? does have the exo protection though..thanks..great channel btw

ShinMTB says:

Alex… best video ever. You have no idea how much this helps people 🙂

Edd Arell says:

Great video Alex! Last month I just installed a new wheel & tire setup on my all mountain alloy hardtail, and let me tell you that the tire choice was on point. I went with the Agressor DD out back and Minion Exo DHF up front, both 27.5 x 3.0 I run both tires around 28 to 30 psi. The Agressor out back soaks up some of the chatter on my local trails and rides comfortably on my hardtail. I’m glad I chose Maxxis, They Rock! You can check out my bike pics on instagram @eddarell & @eddarellmtb cheers!

Dicky Samad says:

hey Alex. Quick question. what psi do you run in a dry and wet conditions. I know it can varies but it would be kind of helpful. And would it be a bad idea if I run the high Roller and shorty if my trail is wet like 40% of the time and if I run them all year round even if it’s not wet or muddy. thanks man

Vicent January says:

Thank you for this brilliant review. I ride a trail bike, Scott Genius, with High roller II in the front and Ardent in the rear. I live in Spain and my area is very dry I feel ok with the Ardent but I think High Roller II is not the best for dry hardpack. Will Minion DHF be better for this terrain?

MiKeZee says:

why my dhf 2.5 is smaller than my magic mary 2.35? both tubeless

The Pudding Bandit says:

I cant seem to find a DHF that is 2.4, only 2.3 and 2.5

Igor Panic says:

Hey Alex, thx for this interesting and helpful video. Which setup of Maxxis tires would you recommend to someone who drives about 80% in the woods (dry, loose, wet and sometimes muddy conditions) and 20% on roads?


anyone else feel like the minion is a bit drifty when in transition before you lock in to those side knobs? looking to try something different with better transition. any suggestions?

Thim Bales says:

Sorry been thinking about maxis but using hans damph rear and magic mary up front have done real well so far pacestar rear trailstar up front

Paul O'Neil says:

Just wanted to say, that while i’m new to mountain biking, I’m a tech geek in most of my other life, that I keep coming back to this video as my knowledge of all things Mountain biking rises and I know that you put in a lot of time and effort to figure these tires out so much appreciated.

Shaun Bell says:

Great review, but after checking out the Maxxis site there isn’t a lot of options in tubeless for 26″ tires. Was hoping to switch to tubeless, but none of these in the tubeless 26″ versions are any lager than 2.3’s. Pretty sure that would freak me out lol. Currently I’m running tubed Minion DHF’s front and back at 2.7″. Wonder how the non tubeless DHF’s would work with DT FR570 rims converted to tubeless with some Stans race sealant? Ride pretty sketchy stuff so I would want to roll off the rim.

drip tip says:

I’ve got the minion dhf skinwall in the same spec as yours . It was hard to get a hold off in the uk i would definitely Recommend it

MTB Trail-Weaks says:

oh ok I use a Brooks cambium c15 on my nomad. super comfy not stylish but water and weather proof

justincase says:

Thanks for the review, You answered my questions on the shorty vs minion vs highroller. I have the minion DHF 3C exo and minion DHR2 on my DH bike. I also run the aggressor DD on the rear of my enduro. Also a minionDHF and HR2 on my XC hardtail. After 5 years of schwalbe I’m switching to maxxis on everything. Maxxis is just better bang for the buck IMO.

Nico Ofner says:

How does the Minion compare to the Highroller 2? When should I use a Minion and when a highroller? What is the difference?

Brandon Knight says:

Any opinion on the Ardent tire?

Nick Hohn says:

Great video! When changing tires throughout the season to compensate for conditions, do you have any tips for making the process any easier? Dealing with the sealant in tubeless tires, have you come up with a technique to reuse sealant when making a tire change?

Mick Skinner says:

Great vid mate, very helpful, Cheers

Kaeden Mtb says:

Any reviews on the geax goma?

Carlos Saavedra says:

How do you know when you need tires?
If you have a worn out tire for compassing, could you put them side by side?

I’ve had my original wheel on my Fuel Ex on the back and a Maxxxis Shorty on the front.


FoVision says:

Thanks this is helpful! what do you think between the yeti 5.5 vs sc cc Hightower? Hightower is about 1000 cheaper with a bit less travel and lifetime warranty and free bearing replacements

Steve Podraza says:

What’s faster rolling for a rear… Aggressor or dhr 2? Thank you

robwas says:

Wow, first time watching your videos but I learned a lot from this. Big fan of Maxxis too, had some bad luck with Schwalbe’s failing but have yet to ruin a Maxxis. One question I have, you said something about the tire lasting you a month or two, I ride probably 4 days a week, usually around 20 miles per ride all trails. I think I change my tires maybe once a year and the last time I was riding someone commented how worn my Maxxis DHR2 looked (I used it on the front, considering a DHF though, never tried them). I guess my question is, what construes a worn out tire, to me there’s still a lot of knob but the edges aren’t squared off anymore. I’m wondering if I like new tires more because they’re a different model or is it just that the tires are newer and perform better than after a full year. A video on how to determine when you should retire a tire would be of interest… also I’ve often taken my front tires and ran them as rear when they get worn down.

m00nchildblues says:

hello I have a 17 giant trance and was wondering if the minion DHF/R would be too heavy for trail/AM? Looking at 2.3 rear and 2.4 front but can’t seem to find a match?

Steve Podraza says:

What would you recommend for a 26″ rear tubeless. I’m going 27.5 x 2.5WT front on my Liteville 301. Thanks

jack sparrow says:

can these tires take tubes or is it just for tubeless?

Cameron Roche says:

I have DT Swiss E1900 Spline wheels, 25mm internal width, pros and cons of putting a 2.5″ WT Shorty on??

Nicholas McNamara says:

i have been using continental trail king tyre

Cameron Roche says:

They do make a High Roller 2 in double down. Is it 3C MaxxTerra TR DD 2.3″

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