Maxxis DHF & Aggressor MTB Tire Review (Best Trail Tires on the Market!)

I’ve been running these tires for the past 1-2 years on my trail/enduro bikes, and all I can say is: “Why would you run another tire??” This combo works so well in 90% of the conditions I ride in. This combo is the best tire combo I have found for Grip vs. Rolling resistance. They roll super fast and still offer all the grip I need! I will tell you that if you run this combo, you will not be disappointed!

Maxxis Minion DHF:

Maxxis Aggressor:


WisXC says:

Can you tell us what air pressure you run

Mike Klement says:

I got the Aggressor on rear and new Magic Mary up front, killer combo!

Victor Giannella says:

I run a DHF up front and a high roller 2 in the back and it works great for some of the loose sections and pedally sand parts. Might try and aggressor next or another high roller ran backwards for more of a pushing edge.

Kenny Hobson says:

how about for park?

MTNcorps says:

I run DHF DD and HR2 DD. I haven’t tried the aggressor yet but I love the HR2 on the rear

Krigloch theFurious says:

People were switching out tires from being worn down? Your Maxxis tires looked to be in good shape. I ride more XC/Trailish stuff here in Illinois. No rocks. Thinking a 2.5 29er Minion in the front just for the hell of it. Keep the 2.4 Ardent in the rear. I’m not racing, FUN trumps all!
Love the vids, you’ve done a good job at honing your own style.

Gerrit Padgham says:

I would love to see what you think of the E*Thirteen TRSr tires if you ever get the chance to try them. Grippiest tires I’ve ever run, and the seem reasonably durable for the amount of grip they provide. Went through 2 pair in the last 12 months, which is on par with Maxxis for me and the amount of riding I do on Colorado trails.

FlowPublican says:

How’s the rolling resistance on the Aggressor? I chose the DHF for the front and currently have the Highroller in the back, but I want something that lasts a bit longer and rolls a bit faster in the back.

ein lappen says:

Yesssss exactly the video i was waiting for
Think I’ll be getting the exact same combo soon, kinda disappointed in my high roller II :/

Matt Yuder says:

Hey, Alex, I’m 14 and I really would like to get into enduro. I have the bike to do it and I think I want to enter my first race. what is the best way to get into enduro racing? and what are some good things to do to train? Thanks

John Kleronomos says:

Good to know. Ordered this exact set (except in 2.3) on the Mach 6 for a trip to Moab next month.

John Ritter says:

I ran the Aggressor with EXO in 2.3 and loved the way it felt, but punctures became a problem. I’d be interested to see if the DD faired better. Otherwise I really liked that same setup.

RedWings-44 says:

Still LOTS of life left in those tires.

Will Kirschke says:

bro i just ordered this tire combo dude

Brian Vaughn says:

Aggressor is nice but on hard steep climbs I’m not impressed.

colt hawkins says:

Have you tried a DHR2 on the front? If so how does it compare to the dhf?

Eric O says:

Impressed by look of the rear tire after that much depending esp. when looking at the spokes. The whole race looks like a blast! Stupid question but how does the food and camping work? Any suggestions for a multi stage MTB race such as: what did you bring and what did you wish you brought?

I think the biggest difference between the aggressor and the high roller II is there is a little spot on the HR that you can use to slide. The Aggressor just sticks. Although when I initially switched from a HR II I didn’t feel as confident on the side nobs but a little bit of time this went away. I also find that in my hands Maxxis and Continental (black chili) last the longer than other brands I’ve tried. But this is very subjective.

John Stewart says:

Maxxis Shorty 2.5 up front and Maxxis Minion dhf DD 2.5 on rear.. Can’t fault it as an all rounder.. Bit more muddy here in Scotland!!

Cameron Cotter says:

Thanks for the quality videos

Robert Howells says:

Great video. I’m a huge Maxxis fan. Can’t wait to see more.

Benedikt Seelmann says:

2:05 a little spoke problem 😛

Johannes Nilsen says:

great review, my tyres look like this after one season,but I never got to ride terrain like this.I love Maxxis tyres.

Bigfoot And Bananaman says:

I like my maxxis ignitors very grippy. The best tires I have ever used though are mavic crossmax tires

Paulo Santos says:

Don’t forget to fix that broken spoke 🙂

Carlos Saavedra says:

What do you think about that bike in general?
Been thinking about getting 1 just like it.

Dito Fuhrer says:

no dual aspen here? LOL

Ryan Boardman says:

2 uploads in 1 day?!?

willmoua1 says:

Had an i9 aluminum spoke snap on a climb. Did the exact same thing. Wheel stayed true, but broken spoke needed to be bent and wrapped around another out of the way 🙂

julian royz says:

Onza Aquila tires will be the way to go

Kaleb Moore says:

I run a maxxis dhf front and maxxis shorty in back for all conditions works great


I ride high roller II’s front, and aggressor rear.

EatSleepMoguls says:

I run minion DHF front and agressor rear on my process 134. For light duty races (xc) I run the agressor up front and an ardent race in the rear.

L N says:

Thanks for this review man. I’m actually on the hunt for a replacement tire for my hrii. I’m hands down going to get a minion for the front. For the rear I’m thinking of switching between ikon, aggressor and dhr depending on the ride condition.

J.D. McNoldy says:

I switched to this exact set up after watching your Maxxis Enduro Tire Line up video. Ive rode with them all over the US and am quite happy. Thanks for the advise!

Daniil Oxyuk says:

what’s up with those spokes lol

Outdoor Soul Adventures says:

DHF / HR2 – wet / winter
DHF / Aggressor – summer
North shore riding.

Roger Armendariz says:

I ride aggressor 27.5 in rear and panaracer FirePro 27.5. Front . Been interested in trying the maxxis Ignitor for awhile

Tobias Backstam says:

It’s the best combo I’ve ever ridden and it’s thanks to you I tried it!

LiveFreeandShred says:

So I need your opinion man. I had my minion DHF WT 2.5 on for 2 runs and ruined it it was exo 3c maxx terra. And I was riding at highland mountain bike park. You can see the terrain on my videos. Rocky and rooty. I sliced the tire up bad and it’s ruined. Sealant wouldn’t seal it. I’m pissed. How much stronger is the DD casing or should I just get DH 2 ply wire bead tires?

Miguel Navarro says:

Nice broken spoke at approx. 1:50 haha…..looks like it can now serve as a car antenna with the bend job

Adrian Castellanos says:

rip spoke 🙁 2:08

Connor Rawle says:

What PSI were you running? What PSI do you usually run?

Steve Podraza says:

What inner width wheel you running? What do you think about the ardent for a rear? I’m running 27.5 x 2.5WT front and 26 x 2.4 rear ardent

Alex939 says:

That poor broken spoke.

LiveFreeandShred says:

Must have agressor 2.5. I run a minion DHF 2.5 on the front and a dhr 2 2.4 on the rear

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