Lab Tested – What’s The Fastest Road Bike Tire?

What’s the best road tire on the market? Is there really much of a difference between the best ones?
(NOTE – The Continental GP4000 S2 was tested, but we accidentally left it out of the list of tyres at the start of the video)
And what air pressure should you use in yours? We sent ten of the best road tires to Wheel Energy for testing, and did plenty of our own tests in Boulder, CO too.

This video contains a paid product placement on behalf of Easton Cycling.

Steve Gribble’s cycling tool –

The Tyres on test were –

Bontrager R4
Continental GP4000 S2
Zipp Tangente Speed
Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless
Clement LCV
Michelin Power Competition
Vittoria Competition Corsa
Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik
Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton
S-Works Turbo Tubeless


DamianN Audio says:

Check out that handling skills! 4:44

Morten Nielsen says:

23 mm is now outdated. So what is the actual best tire width to buy? I ride 5 year old Mavic Cosmiv Carbon clinchers. Can I change to a wider tyre for these wheels?

smefour says:

Once you go FAT, you never go back

cx34r says:

challenge strada and latex tubes are way faster than all the garbage in this test

Alex Lintern says:

This seems to be clearly a combo of wider rim and larger volume tyre and the fastest tyre will probably be the one that resists flats the best. I have to LOL at the far-side tubular clincher….what a fiasco.

Martin Zvarík says:

Thanks dude

Erin Abbott says:

Can you guys do a blog on wheel balance?

bikesundays says:

Great video !!!!

Martian Megafauna says:

The top Schwalbe tubeless had more than 80 g of mass (carcass+sealant) over the runner-up Michelin. Is that figured into the watt numbers?

Pabb B says:

One test no one have made, the test is how the rolling resistance evaluate in the total life of a road tire. I’m questioning myself I found my 28mm of 2000km tire very slow much slower then a 23mm of 2000km. I think the flat made by wear (2000km) is much larger on a 28mm then the flat made by the wear on 23mm. What do you think????

John Trussell 3rd says:

This is the best video BikeRadar has ever made. Great job guys!!!

Hit LikeTruth says:

scwable r1’s

Anderson Oliveira says:

o cara comprou um terreno durante a filmagem. joelho raladão kkk

Marco Mariano says:

have you tried schwalbe pro one (and micheline power) with tubes? will it’s rolling resistance advantage going drop if i use tubes on it?

Christian Borgstede says:

The Fastest Road Bike Tire is the Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ TLR BUT I had to much probs with it! 6 punctures in 4 Weeks

ChuckD59 says:

Not a single Veloflex on the list.
-10 for credibility.

Eliseo Lusian says:

tire ? or tube ?

gtfra says:

Suomi perkele

InconnuGlitterBoy says:

25 ml sealant adds 54 g weight per wheel or per wheel set?

xscott902x says:

Bummed you didn’t test the Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR according to Bicycle Rolling Resistance its the fastest tire they’ve ever tested.

Benjamin Müller says:

What kind of inner tubes did you use for the clincher tests?
Can maybe latex inner tubes close the gap to the tubeless?

YourMother88 says:

I adore my 28mm Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless. Comfy like a commuter but fast like a race tire at 70-80psi.

baljeetd says:

Comprehensive reporting and very communicative style. Top marks Ben!

mike kunnecke says:

what is the sensor zip tied to your front hub?

Henrywildeberry says:

What about a Guy Martin test? Put him on his bike, behind a semi truck going 120mph, no wind, only rolling resistance. Do it a bunch of times to get a good sample of data, and make sure the roads suck, like the ones in CA. Then I’ll have a better sense of what tires to buy.

talkto20john says:

very realistic analysis. I stick with Specialized because as well as fast, they are super stable and grippy in all conditions so I feel i save energy by being more relaxed.

giovanni spinotti says:

I took a look at the final results. I reckon this is a very in depth research so excellent work!

To me, revealing are the actual measured tire width. One thing you don’t say, is that it’s true that *at the same pressure* wider tires roll better than slim tires. but that *at the same pressure* is very important: wider tires often cannot be inflated to the same pressure of slimmer tires, and even more often, they get inflated less for comfort. For instance, I’m not sure 28c can get up to 120psi, I’ve got 32c and I believe their max stated pressure is somewhere around 80/90 psi.

What I don’t get is that at very high pressure (120 psi) on a rough surface, I was expecting wattage to go up, but in your results it didn’t happen. was the “rough” surface not rough enough?

Deckard Shaw says:

Schwalbe pro one 28mm for the summer (5 bar front, 6 rear), sworks turbo cotton 28mm for winter. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Jan-Harm van der Merwe says:

Great video.. Consider me both a subscriber and a fan

Benni k says:

It would be very nice to see this kind of test but with cx tires!

order9066 says:

I bet this guy outbikes men half his age!

Haryder says:

What kind of asphalt they use in Colorado? that road very smooth to me.

Misan tropo says:

who the hell weights 40kgs? you know these tires arent for children bicycles, right? before someone as “smart” replies, the weight isnt evenly distributed between the two tires, and in a lot of situations almost your whole weight will be in only one of the tires.

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