Kenda Kross tire review

My take on a nice hybrid/commuting tire


hev1029 says:

I have been running this tire in 26×195 for more than a year and think it is a great tire. never a flat. I ride 8.5 to 25 miles 3-7 days a week. If you are not an off roader this is the tire for you….much faster than a fat knobby

Misled57 says:

I really enjoy your reviews Jake,keep doing them !You should be a teacher,your clear,concise and easy to understand ! I’m think about getting these tires being I’m using my Snarl as a commuting bike more than anything else !

mongoosejake says:

You can get this tire through any bike shop, and if you order it as the Sunlite branded/packaged version, you can get it for up to half off. The Sunlite version is the exact same, simply in a different package.

Daniel Fennell says:

I put over 3000 miles on a set of these in 2010/2011. I ride a lot of abandoned RR beds & truck trails, horse trails as well as snowmobile trails. (in the spring/fall/summer) Lots of pavement miles in between.These tires roll easily on pavement yet grip well in firm dirt, gravel & shallow mud patches. I have them mounted on my Specialized Crosstrail Sport, my wife’s Specialized Ariel Sport as well as 2 full suspension mountain bikes. I don’t remember the last time I had a puncture flat with these, but I’m sure it has occurred given the 1000s of miles I have put on them..

mongoosejake says:

I’ve just not heard about alot of geocaching being done around here. I’ll have to check into it for the upcoming season, as right now all there is is rain and coldish (mid 30’s to mid 40’s) weather for most of December and January, making most trails unridable (I dont ride public trails when they’re muddy-that leads to big problems for us mountain bikers, as in trail closures or bikes being banned). When good weather returns, I’ll give geocaching a look.

mongoosejake says:

I’m going to do a few maintenance videos/how-to videos as soon as my voice is fully back, hopefully in the next couple of days.

I’m a little familiar with geocaching, and it seems like fun even if it’s not popular in my area just yet. Keep tuned for some wrenching videos.

mongoosejake says:

You should be well served!

Misled57 says:

I ordered the Kenda Kross tires through Amazon via Niagara Cycle Works for 9.95 each ! I felt that was a good price ! Can I buy from JBimporters if I’m not a Bicycle dealer ?

MrNiceGuy says:

I was looking at a couple different set of tires to buy. Thanks to your review I decided to buy the Kenda K847 Kross tires. I hope they treat me well. Thanks!

mongoosejake says:

I really appreciate the compliments!

If you’re using the Snarl as a commuter on pavement the Kenda Kross will work good. JBImporters sells the same tire using Sunlite packaging at a lower price. JBImporters is a distributor that most all bike shops use, and Sunlite products are on Amazon as well. It’s referred to as the Sunlite Kross Plus, in a 26″ x 1.95″ size.

If you still do some off-road riding, you might put a Kenda Small Block 8 on the front for grip and efficiency on and off road.

Misled57 says:

There is geocaches all over your area Jake ! I placed my geocaches in Phoenix,az on all the hiking and biking trails to get people on the trails and to show where the trails were !

Misled57 says:

Being your so good at reviews I’d really like to see you do some bicycle maintenance tutorials ! I’m gonna guess your very good at that to ! I bought the Snarl to maintain my geocaches on Trail 100 also called the Charles m. Christiansen Trail,it’s a mountain bike trail through the desert, right in the middle of Phoenix ! Google geocaching and Google the trail to understand what I’m talking about !

mongoosejake says:

They should serve you well, mine are still wearing very well after nearly a year has passed.

djfrozone says:

thanks where can i order?

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