Jeff’s Favorite Rear Tire – Product Review

Arena Hybrid Gummy BFM Tire by MotoZ


Taylor Beams says:

Are you still running this paired with the Bridgestone m59 front?

Mark Vizcarra says:

Seriously get a microphone

2 Shoes says:

Thanks for the review and recommendation will have to give it a try on my husky.

Eric Wahl says:

Jeff what size are you using on your 300?

Bennett and Kinsey Mr. And Mrs. Lee says:

I’ve been running the goldentyre gt333 with HD tubes at 7psi with no problems! But sadly that tire isn’t holding up as I’d like, this will probably be my next purchase. Thanks Jeff! Love your videos man!

I love Hard Enduro says:

Any chunking in the technical stuff? That you have heard of?

Adam Batchelder says:

I usually grind those ridges off with a little air sander, makes a big difference

El Masquato says:

Dang! I just got a Shinko 525 Cheater for the Virginia City Grand Prix. oh well

Mid-South Outdoor Life says:

Great review Jeff thank you. I’ve been very interested in that tire for a while. I’m currently running the 505 cheater on the back of my Beta 390. I love the 505 cheater I think it performs great in every aspect including on asphalt. How do you feel the arena hybrid gummy is on asphalt or more specifically is the buzz pretty bad on asphalt? Does it seem to walk on asphalt?

Glenn van den Berg says:

Fantastic to see an Australian brand holding their own. I will be trying one for my next rear.

Jason Murphy says:

JEFF – Do you know what the durometer is for the non-gummy? I wonder if it might hold up better if you’ve got to ride some slab? Thanks from Nashville, TN

Murray Smith says:

run it on my beta 300 with tubliss no complaints from me either other than I also seem to have a little leakage from tubliss but nothing that can’t be fixed in 30sec with a hand pump before a ride 🙂

Oli M says:

hey Jeff, great vid. I have the shinko 505 and it is great on my 2017 450 six days with tubliss but high profile and i am short
is this one lower and good with tubliss? thanks a million

Mulley says:

I love this tire. I ran one for some extreme enduro type riding and it’s fantastic. I just installed an IBEX for a back to back comparison. Pre-test gut feeling is that the Arena is going to outperform the IBEX. We shall see.

I typically run 5psi with Tubliss on a Beta 300 RR. On pavement it will roll on you and it’s not great for high corner spread asphalt riding at that low of pressure but really no tire is. As soon as you hit dirt and rocks it shines. It has the most traction of any tire that I’ve tried.

A Shinko 505 cheater is pretty close in rocky terrain and straight line when it’s dry or damp but in the turns and when it’s wet or muddy the Arena will walk off and leave it. I was very disappointed with the 505 Cheater in those conditions.


Just found your channel and am binge watching everything. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge with the interwebbers!

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