IZIP E3 Moda Video Review – $3k Urban Class 3 Electric Bike with Racks, Fenders, and Lights

https://electricbikereview.com/izip/e3-moda/ The IZIP E3 Moda is an urban oriented speed pedelec, capable of 28 mph pedal-assisted speeds, complete with wide alloy fenders, a streamlined rear rack, and integrated LED lights. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable levers, the front rotor is larger at 180mm and uses a quad-piston caliper which improves stopping power and cooling. Three frame sizes and two style, the mid-step frame is easier to mount but might be not be as easy to lift up or hang from some bike racks, it also doesn’t have room for bottle cage bosses. Wide 2.4″ Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires offer stability, comfort, and puncture protection, alloy chain guide reduces drops and protects clothing, the Brose motor is quiet, smooth, and very natural to pedal with, beautiful battery integration.


dmitry manzano says:

Hello, Court, please help. Hello. I’ve bought a new bike with internal cable routing with unusual form of the frame and it not letting me to install the BBSHD properly. If I take off the plastic holder so I can install the motor but it will be leaning down. Question is can I use the hammer to make this bulge flat? What are the risks might be? The last video on my channel shows my bike.

HackHunter1835 says:

Nice looking bike, quality components (except for the garbage pedals) and as for no suspension fork, I keep mine locked out anyway, no big deal. Im seeing more IZips on the trails of late, most owners are very happy with the bike. Great city trail bike.

Pașca Alexandru says:

I’m a diy-er… but I do lookup on RTRs and just weighed my bike after almost finishing the conversion and something does not add up.
This rigid, mid-drive, 500Wattish/h bike is 23kg (54lbs) with moderately fat but smooth tires.
I converted my ten years old hard-tail all-mountain bike with two geared hub motors. Huge and heavy 2.7″ aggressive tires, heavy-duty rims, a 10-11 years old 7005 frame, yadda-yadda-yadda, old and 24.3kg heavy. With two motors.
I never went the lightweight path when I started to build that bike and neither when I converted it.

The point is I thought that recent bikes would come up way lighter!
What gives? I trust my tractor to get me up and down mountains without reaching the bottom of the valley with spokes and pieces of the handlebar embedded in my neck.

A city bike that is not intended to ride over rocks, roots, dirt and all the bumpiness the wilderness offers, shouldn’t be a hell lot lighter?
Steel crank arms? Lead ballast somewhere? 😀
Alright, the battery is around two kilos, the motor another two and a half, but the rest? We’re left with 18 kilos of city bike?

Greg J Barber says:

I have the 2018 redux ie and I can confirm that you only ever have to press the power on the battery and not the display. I have never had to turn the display on separately

J Clar says:

Amazing, major changes and improvements over the last 3 years while holding same price. Reminds me of my Kalkhoff Integrale, and that’s saying something.

SuperPapadzul says:

3k and no suspension. OMG suspension in a city bicycle is very important. Jumping on or off the sidewalk is hard when there are no shock absorbers.

ModeBlitz says:

Can yo do a review on the Delfast bike

scott ferguson says:

new intro graphic???
also that Brose display is WOKE

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