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drumandbassob0007 says:

I am building up a bike at the moment I have got 2 magic Mary’s for the front and a maxis ardent for the back , as it’s winter at the moment and it’s muddy as fuck should I put both magic Mary’s on front and back and then switch to the ardent once the weather gets better

Tobias Grätzer says:

Semislicks do not offer good braking traction at all when not leaned over

Maine Trout Whisperer says:

What is that camo seat on that bike!???

Isaac Springett says:

What about the frame? don’t you think that’s the most important piece of a mountain bike.

Marko Perković says:

what tyres (29-er) or what combo to buy for riding hardtail on tarmac (70%) and hard surface (30%)?

Alex939 says:

I used to roll with Schwalbes Big Betty tire some long time ago, now I go with the Magic Mary tire.

Barbara Yaworek says:

Maxxis wet scream 26×2.35 yo

Claudio Delcioppo says:

Are Ritchey tires crap?

rodzee Mateo says:

Can i use maxxis high roller for hardtail endoro?

Good one! says:

great stuff been riding for years but still learnt something in this. nice work

John Graham says:

Maybe not the right place to ask, but I just went to tubeless. I am pretty light and light on my bike and run 25 lbs front and 28 lbs rear with tubes. I thought I would go to tubeless and try potentially lower pressure. The issue? The tires I bought say to not run them below 29 lbs. Is there really an issue to running lower than 29 lbs as the manufacturer states? If i can’t, I might as well stay with tubes! 🙂

Spencer Han says:

Maxxis Minion DHR 2 for rear and DHF for front all day long.

mjs1231 says:

Agressor up front, rock razor out back

Nick Rogers says:

Harder rubber compound on the rear for harder wearing but on wet rocks wouldn’t that make it more prone to slide around?

Ben J says:

Bring back IRC Missile’s and the IRC El Gato! In the meantime i’ll get some 27.5 Michelin’s.

19LJT89 says:

I’ve just recently bought a cube stereo and it has 27.5 inch wheels with schwalbe nobby nics on, the rubbers seems really thin and maybe not the best for the type of riding I do, or maybe I’ve just been very unlucky , I do alot of canal cross country and trail riding and have had so many thorn punctures it’s driving me insane having to constantly repair them. Can any of you guys recommend me a thicker tyre that may be more up to the job? Thanks

cher yee says:

I miss the old one panaracer dart and smoke

Day light says:

As a front tire for wet/deep trails, the Continental Der Baron Projekt is really awesome!

richard0375 says:

Knob profile … lol

jon carter says:

26 is still by far the most popular tyre in the world right now.

Gaurav Devgan says:

Best video on MTB tyres

Jordan Mcallister says:

Ardent / ardent race both around 65psi

Biking Weasel says:

I think the frame is the most important

ap4709pk says:

Guy looks like Malfoy from Harry Potter.

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