How to Choose Mountain Bike Tires – Simple 6 Step Guide

How to choose mountain bike tires in 6 simple steps with confidence. Using this tire buyers guide you’ll choose the best mountain bike tires for you, every time. View Complete Guide here:

SPLIT Cornering Technique video:
Straight Braking DH Technique video:

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Say Hi to your bike for me! ~ Chris


Christian Jensen says:

Chris: Please read Schwalbe’s technical paper on tyre pressure and width. The rolling resistance is for instance less on wider tyres than on narrow tyres on rough ground:

Screaming Dean says:

Can someone use a mountain bike tire on a beach cruiser?

TwentyFirstPilot says:

Not sure if you know, but there’s a weird screeching noise in the background of this video. Great help though, thanks!

A200 as1 says:

so will a 26 x 2.1 tyre fit a 26 x 2 rim

Garret McMullen says:

What’s your favorite kind of biking?

MrGoodkat says:

I just bought a 29er. I will use it for mostly cross country but I also have to commute twice a week. Will I be able to keep two wheels with slick style road tyres to the side for fitting when I need to ride to work?? What I mean is yes,I know I CAN do that but do 29ers run well with smooth tyres when I need to do 15-20 miles on the road?? I really can’t afford to have to get a separate bike to go to work on. Thanks for any advice. 🙂

Petey WDinc says:

Great video, I would love to ride more often but due work I’m unable too…I would like to use my maintain bike as a means to get back and forth to work which would help my log in some miles…My question is, is putting road tires on my mountain bike okay or will this cause more damage to me or my bike. My commute work is nothing but road and about 18.3 miles one way….

manny jr a says:

I’m trying to find some new tires but I just don’t know much about them. I ride mostly on lose sand, with rocky and dry terrain. I have gotten flats already and I currently ride with tubes. I’m trying to get some tires that won’t puncture so easily. Anyone got any suggestions?

YE-172 says:

Hi! Can I change my 26×2.0 with a 26×2.35 without changing the rim ?

akaSkItTLes23 says:

I ride rubber tires they seem to work well.


mate u spelt tyre wrong u spelt “tire” hahah thats a laugh

Mark Bloch Nielsen says:

these videos helps me getting better and faster, I just love the mountainbike culture! 

TexasMTBtrails says:

Chris, this is a REALLY great video. You did a great job putting this one together and it lays out the important stuff about tire selection really well.

Cheers and keep on rocking!

Dany G says:

why this f*** commercials

André Menezes says:

And what would the downside of the tubeless tires be? Besides price. 

MTBtips says:

If you like this video, you’re going to love Check it out! It will take your mountain biking to another level entirely! ~ Chris

delayedbysaint says:

This was published on my birthday!

larry david says:

I need suggestions for a 27.5 XC racing front tire, Im racing next month on a technical track with loose soil, several sandy segments and technical descents… appreciate any help

Faishal Sovano says:

what is the wheel size on your hardtail bike ? 

EatSleepMoguls says:

Hey, love your videos. I am beginning to think about upgrading from my Kona fire mountain(too small) but i dont really know what to get next. I’ve set a budget at about 1500 but will pay more if its worth it (ie  air fork or better components).I defiantly want another hardtail but I dont know what wheel size I want.( If i were to get a larger wheel, 27.5 would be my first choice as I am a shorter rider) Any suggestions? 

Erik Hart says:

I do a lot of big drops on the hard concrete… What tire would you recommend? I live in Wisconsin so I need sand traction… And lots of sticks around.

Blitzbiker MTB says:

Hi MTBtips, are you a business for Bicycle Shop or not

Downhiller 128 says:


I AM L3G3ND 666 says:

My rim Diameter is 20″ and the tires I have right now are 20×2.125 so I can get a bigger width on my rim like a 20×2.5 as long as the diameter is the same right ?

MFBNA_ says:

What kind of tire is a 26 x 1.95??

GAME CHANGER 6363 says:

I though I need to buy the same width is there rims on which the width ?do I need to use the prescpition of the rim

Samuel Hively says:

What type of tire should I get I do a lot of free riding on loose hard-packed dirt and muddy and rocky areas

MTBtips says:

Thanks for all your views, likes and shares, Groovers.  It really does help me keep the videos coming.
~ Chris

MattAndHisBike says:

I got only 2! Pick the ones that fit. step two. pick the most nobbyest.

Bari Khan says:

I have found Schwalbe’s tyre quality to be fairly poor: 1. High wear rates esp. on the Nobby Nics (the trailstar compound), literally can see the tread disappear every ride. 2. Slightly different block sizes/spacing for the same tyre type on different tyres, presumably due to manufacturing differences… not major but very annoying.  3. their tyre width sizing hardly matches up on 19-21mm internal rims.  4. Back in the day they were notorious for their poor sidewalls, now the sidewalls are just too damn hard, having to run super low pressures to get the tyre to conform potentially causing (and caused) rim damage, happened on a Hans Dampf TS…. 5. Getting Schwalbe tyre’s on and off my ZTR arch ex was such a pita…. Now I ride with Continental Rubber Queens Black Chilli, I hate to say that a particular component made me ride better as skill beats everything, but the continental tyres actually hand down much better in my opinion.  I have not ridden Schwalbe’s tyres for gravity or lift assisted riding, but after the performance of their tyres for trail riding, I will go with Continental Der Barons and the like.

One tip for going tubeless… take a sponge from your mums kitchen, use washing up liquid, and scour and take off the the internal gel layer which sometimes is left on (this is certainly true for continental, not had this issue with Schwalbe… but that’s about the only +1 for Schwalbe) the inside of the tyre from the vulcanising process.  Make life so much easier when the sealant can actually adhere to the internal tyre surface.

Chris, great video! If your in England, PM me, will take you on my local trails but I think you will still kick me ass haha!

Qwerty says:

Hi! Can I change my 26×2.1 with a 26×2.0 without changing the rim? Thank you!

MyKonaRC says:

Kenda Small Block 8!

Prakash D says:

This video is not for beginners. I’ve got no idea how I’ve to choose a tyre even after watching this video. I’m getting into downhill riding with my 29er. What tyres should I choose if all I want is control and grip?

Péter Mészáros says:

i got a cobra mali

WakizashiSabre says:

Good video indeed. It helps a customer to think about what he should buy. I missed bit more info obout witth, which width is good for what, benefits and cons though. Also, the problem with tire choosing is also lots of variants they came with. Some 2,2 feels like 2,4 Geax Goma anyone? Other seems to be slimmer. I ll ask you guys for personal preferences. For a trail/AM/enduro riding on my FR bike, what would you prefer? Ikon, Tomahawks, Ardents, Xkings, other? Also which width? I ride agressively in trails, but have to transport on a aphalt as well, so maybe some 2,1, back 2,2 front? Ideally some middle option. More durable and harder compound so it will last. Thanks. 😉

Mike Oliver says:

Great video thank you for taking the time to share.

Porkchop XD says:

What mountain bike do you recommend for under $200

Bob Stevens says:

Chris I really enjoyed your video tips. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you have a wealth of knowledge to share

Christian Moniz says:

Hi Chris,

I’ve gone biking twice this year so far coming out of the Canadian winter. Each time I’ve gotten a flat tire! I’m leaning towards making the switch to tubeless tires but I’m a bit intimidated. It seems there is a lot more I need to be aware of even after reading your tire guide. I’m reading quite a bit on the topic but a couple questions come to mind that I’d like you to answer if possible. What are the most common causes of a flat tire out on the trails or back country when running a tubeless set up and how are you supposed to fix them? Tubes seem like an easy and cheap fix, should I just stick with running tubes?

inK Doriftar says:

chris that’s sik bro!! <3 love dat

WesOfX says:

Just remember; Not having the perfect tires isn’t the end of the world. You can tear it up on trails using a road bike with street tires. The rider is ALWAYS the most important factor. 😉

enduro253 says:

Hey Chris, whats-up buddy! Hey, are those mud guards on the forks really helps or it’s just for looks?

Carlos Sismeiro says:

Tires are probably the most important and underrated thing in a bike. 
The proper choice will make the bike faster, more fun and more comfortable.
Go for the slower and most grippy tire you think is still fast enough for your needs and you will spend less time getting up from crashing than if you go for a super fast rolling tire with less grip. 
Leave race tires for racing – race tires are very grippy and super light but the tread will disappear very fast and they are more prone to punctures and cuts. They are also usually the most expensive. A destroyed tire can – and will – take all the fun from a ride. Riding is more fun than fixing a puncture
A tire with a supple construction will conform better to the terrain, giving more grip even with harder rubbers, and provide additional shock absorption, giving much more control and ride comfort. 

kam thalongsengchanh says:

love your videos man, always straight to the point. do you only ride treks? im thinking of a felt nine 6.

AdventuresWithAlan says:

I have a xc 2.2 on my front right now. Im thinking of upgrading it to a continental trail king 2.4. is 2.4 too wide??

Travis Jugum says:

Chris! great to see a fellow aussie on the tube! thankyoufor the tips mate, I will DEFINITELY have a less confusingtime with tires now!

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