How To Choose Inner Tubes – GCN’s Guide To Road Bike Inner Tubes

Choose the right inner tubes for your tyres, bike and style of riding with our guide to road bike inner tubes.
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Inner tubes have a big effect on the performance of your bike. Lightweight inner tubes will reduce rolling resistance and help you to ride faster, slightly heavier tubes will have better puncture protection and the wrong tubes..? They just won’t work.

In this guide, Daniel Lloyd takes you through the differences between schrader and presta valves, how to work out which tube size your bike requires, and how to decide on the material.

Do you run standard tyres with inner tubes or have you made the jump to tubeless? Comment below and let us know!

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ernesto rubio says:

There is another new option material ligther than comon tubes and punch resistance, iam using FOSS brand and fot mor than 1,200 with out a flat.

Arnis Kalniņš says:

what about the all kinds of Downhill or Flyweight or Ultralight variations – what are all those for?

Roy Patience says:

Will a 700×23 tube work on a 700×25 tire .

krelackobac says:

dunlop valve?

Calin Iaru says:

There are different standards of measurements: ISO, then US has its own. On some inner tubes, the packaging is misleading: 700 x 1 1/8 or 27 in x 1 1/8. I was guarded by this and got into an argument with the shop vendor because my 622 rim corresponds to a 25 in. But, we would appreciate if you could tell us what is the consolidated standard and if we should take into account only one of the measurements that we know it is good instead of computing and looking for the manufacturer’s origin.

Christophe L says:

Tubulars or tubeless hehe.

gulf city nicholas danca says:

32c by 700 Schrader much easier

Carina Maren says:

can I switch a 700×25/32c tube with a 700×28/32 tube?

Delmolition Man says:

Not been on my bike for a long time, and want to get back into it.
Just purchased new tubes and tyres, but no indication anywhere for max psi?
Is there a common pressure as a rule of thumb? I am a failry chunky man (fat).

Alonso Martii says:

So my bike is a hybrid, and it uses 700×32c Michelin tires. Usually I see at the bike shops or online. 700×25c-32c and 700×32c-47c? I’d like to have some backups while on the rode.

Joshua Gallegos says:

Which inner tube would you recommend since I live in desert and my bike always gets flat

Busybeeman says:

I’ve just started using latex tubes on the road and love the feel, I’ll definitely get some for CX too. Can you do a video on how to repair one? I’ve read it’s possible but not totally sure. Thanks guys.

YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

Great instructional video!! Thanks for sharing!!

The tyres on my Giant mountain bike read (50 – 559) on the side of the tyres.
What size `puncture proof tire liner` would you recommend for my bike?

methunshow says:

Rubbers are latex…so size does matter. Lol Maybe a wider tire and longer stem might get the performance I’m looking for. And oh yeah I’m using a pump. Lol Just kidding.

kan't be says:

This video says running a too thin innertube will be more puncture prone.

Will it bollocks! I’ve had only two punctures in two years with an 18c tube in a 28c tyre. Tubes can stretch very large without a problem – try pumping one up outside of a tyre if you want to see.

The only thing enlarging the tube does is make it more fiddly to fit.

Smart Cat Collar Project says:

I don’t think you can fit Schrader valves on road rims ? I couldn’t find any 23-28 tubes with those…

Allan Pountney says:

Great vid. So what do you recommend latex or standard ?

Christopher Doherty says:

i just got a new mtnb bike and the tyre is 700x52c so will a 700x25c fit and work in it

DZenitram23 says:

on average how long are the valve on a hardtail inner tube ? 27.5

Random Bike Trips says:

Specialized inner tubes are the worse. I’ve gotten so many flats on them even after switching to thicker and heavier tires.

Alex Thompson says:

Hi GCN, just wondering… When I sprint my hardest around a velodrome my back wheel starts bobbing up and down, do you know how to stop this happening??? Thanks.

Daniel Matias says:

Just ride harder and get fitter 🙂

Game And Scripts says:

i have 20×2.35
fuck mi life
cant find it anywhere
guess its time to buy a new bike

MrRicey155 says:

Smooth video the boss – idea for next video how to put your clothes on for a ride. there can only be so much bike material GCN you must be running low on ideas. #GiveDanSomethingToWorkWith  

Roland Bergero says:

i just want to know if it is possible to put some tubeless sur une roue zipp 404 car maintenant j’ai des boyaux et je trouve ça fragile

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