Gravel Grinding: Tire Sizes

I pretty much just wanted to talk about riding gravel roads on a bunch of different tire sizes. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer for what a gravel/adventure tire should be. I’d be willing to guarantee the pro’s using 28c tires will still be faster than me on a gravel bike with 47c tires on a service road.

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Ky Chow says:

Thanks mate – surprising how this topic is so rarely covered.

Matt Rahe says:

I want that 2016 willard 1 in the video! im looking at buying a 2017 but they only come in blue.. that white/black red is awesome!

Dan of Deadwood says:

I’m going ridiculous size tire… 29+… boom

balleur says:

What’s with the flat pedals on all the bikes?

Barry Kwaaitaal says:

Those 40mm clement mso’s are awesome! Did already more then 10000km on them and still good….

Tuco Webster says:

Great video, easy to tell, you have experience with the subject matter. I am just starting out with gravel riding and bought an aluminum frame bike. Can you do a video on frame material for gravel bikes. I would think that a carbon frame bike would be at risk from damage due to flying stones etc. I know carbon is lighter but for a few pounds why take the chance.

Martijn says:

What bike brand is that around the 3 minute mark?

Avoyce N Deether says:

I rode the Dirty Kanza 205 miles , Red River Riot 145 miles, and Dirty Fury Stage Rush 109 miles. All on the same tire set up. All with no punctures. But I used 35mm tires and I’m far from a pro. Just got tired of changing flats…and the whole setup (both tires) costs less than $50.

BalbonTon says:

I have a 2014 felt f5 do you think 28 will fit?

David Bacon says:

l didn’t know the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury was into gravel riding…

podfunk says:

Touring on ma Surly: Maxxis Overdrive Elite 700x35mm. Fantastic tyre – puncture-proof kevlar but also roll really fast and corner very smoothly. Highly recommended.

UrbanWanderer says:

It is videos like this that earn subscriptions. Great job!

Lennart Meinke says:

Why can’t there be a do-it-all bike with clearance for 29+ and big chainrings for when you swap in some better pure road wheels?

Angry Vegan Cyclist says:

When I was riding 40s on my cross bike (tubeless at 35/42ish psi), I had trouble sprinting and cannot keep my pedal stroke even when out of the saddle, but when I switched to 32mm tires (50/65psi) sprinting out of saddle was silky smooth and I went 3mph faster with each sprint. Dae?

M Lee says:

Very good video mate don’t discount your knowledge. Many seasoned riders do 1 discipline and have no idea about cyclocross or gravel. The piece around CX tires was great, always wondered about the feasibility of just using city tires for the exact reasons you mentioned..thanks

aikidragonpiper71 says:

I’m looking at getting the new Specialized Sequoia Tour/Gravel/BikePacking bike. It comes with 700c X 42 tires with through axels and disc brakes with a chromoly steel frame.

D Hal says:

Nice video man. I just purchased a Fuji Tread 1.1 Disc which comes with 700x35c’s on it but I have a pair of Michelin’s CX 700x30c’s that are going on there.

Bruce Smithhammer says:

I have no idea why people ride such skinny tires (< 38c) on gravel. I see no advantages.

XL Biking says:

Thanks (again)! I’m new to gravel riding with an all road (cross?) bike, but I decided to just go nuts and do it anyway. I’m 6’1 and weigh 282 lbs (187cm 128kg) on a set of 28″ tires – I loved it! Did it again, loved it! There is a video on my channel about it:
I’ve ordered a pair of 32″ continental grand prix 4 season for comfort and because we don’t really have much of a summer in Sweden….

Photo314159 says:

I’m just now upsizing from 23mm to 28 in the back and 25 on the front for my road bike. I can’t wait to feel the comfort. Hopefully the 28 will fit in the frame. 🙂

Ja Man says:

nice insight and informative, i like that you express your view from experience.

Jose Rafael Laruta says:

good day. may I ask how many spokes should a gravel bike have?

daviddang82 says:

what exactly is the difference with a gravel bike vs a cyclocross bike with gravel style tires?

eFFecT says:

So if I’m doing an 70/30 or 80/20 or 90/10 road / gravel or dirt split respectively, what would you suggest running everyday in and out without needing to switch tires constantly and pointlessly?

I feel like 28 is a bit too light, which puts me at roughly a 30 or 32. I don’t feel like there is a need to go much wider than that with primary road riding, while offering a smoother ride on the road but still plenty wide enough to let me hit those dirt or gravel roads relatively fine until I wanted to throw on some beefy tread and get back out there and completely slay it.

etobiCRACKscorpions says:

I am riding Schwalbe Lugano 700×25 tires and I have not gotten a flat. I take every off road trail I come across like you mentioned. The TPI on these is only 50. I am trying to figure out what tire to get next.

J B says:

I finally moved from 23 to 25 road tyres, no downside. So I wondered about going to 28, then decided instead to go all the way to 32, no downside. Much safer on bad roads. 32 is the max on road before rolling resistance kicks in with a penalty, according to several studies. Off road, I just use my CX file tread 33s or mud tyres if necessary. Never tried bigger, except on a MTB, but I will see what I can squeeze in to my CX bike – glad I do not need to buy another bike to cover what gravel bikes do

Ted Godfrey says:

wow    Nothing of rim and tire sizes 700C Vs 650  Vs 29er

Sam Murray says:

“700c” tyres? 2:55

Jörg Peters says:

Have you ever tried Continental Raceking? I love it on ATB. They are impressive fast, so I think the wear can’t be high.

Mark Fredericks says:

Thanks! I’ve been looking at gravel bikes and thinking about trying wider tires on my road bike, so this was a helpful video!
Do you have any thoughts on the 2016 Raleigh Roper you had in this video? I’d love to see more on that bike!

Tommi Kivimäki says:

Thanks for the run through on different tire options. I’m riding 32c tires, but I’m thinking going wider the next time. I haven’t had flat’s, but more comfort would be nice.

RagetasticGames says:

Are bigger road bike tires better for handling jumps and drops?????

StilettoImages says:

Another great vid in the books entertaining and informative. Really enjoy the “cut frame” style commentary at the end. ***Have relayed info, we now join “random thoughts” in my mind with The Student Cyclist***

Stephanie Hughes says:

Excellent. I am trying to use a CX bike for gravel as well. The Specialized Crux or Focus Mares CX both with great tire clearance and thru axles seems to be two of the better selections.

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