Grand Prix 5000 Review │ Best road tire 2019?

Continental Grand Prix 5000 all sizes –

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My first ride on the new GP 5000 from Continental. These are the 25c clincher tires and they are mounted on my Roval CLX 50 wheels. These could be the best road bike tires of 2019.

This is an honest unpaid non sponsored review.


Drpepper99uk says:

Hi Ricky, loved your previous tyre video review which I found when searching for a replacement clincher, and glad to see you reviewing these too! 🙂

leftymadrid says:

I have tried so many types to investigate on which would be the best for my road rides, and I think if you use the right tyre pressure, the S-Works turbo 700×24/26 folding, blk belt protection are the best in my humble opinion. Expensive but so worth the money. Fabulous riding from it, great on the roads here in Spain!

jimmythefish says:

I have a cyclocross bike as my only bike, planning on getting these in 32mm for a road tire. Thinking they’ll be pretty sweet at 70psi. I commute on 32mm Gatorskins so they’ll likely seem much nicer.

Hugh English says:

How do you manage to get almost 10 minutes into a tyre review before mentioning GRIP?!

Chris James says:

My buddy I ride with has gotten about 10 flats on his 4000s. They have awful puncture protection.

Matt Kassner says:

I’m a massive fan of Vittoria Corsa G+ and Bontrager R3s, made by Vittoria. Run over glass all the time no flats (jinxed myself now). Rode the S-Works Turbo Pro’s and Roubaix Pros too they are solid. I cannot stand the Continental tires at all!!

Mr. P. S.M. says:

Is that a Pinarello bar/stem combo on you Specialized?

KCW1229 says:

Hey mate, you did a video on Michelin power Comp before and didn’t follow up on them with a ride review. How would you say the Michelins stack up against the gp5000 and s works turbo 26? Cheers.

Cycling Virgin says:

This is a NON sponsored unpaid honest review. Hope you like it!

carlos flanders says:

Every Conti tire I’ve ever ridden has been stiff like you describe. Gave no pleasure to ride. On the plus side they were always very predictable and never surprised you. Had fewer flats on 4000s than gatorskins. I ride conti sprinter tubulars quite a bit. Exceptional grip and wear for a very reasonable price – other than that I’ll avoid contis.

Mark P says:

Have you ridden vredsteins? I have found their xtreme weather awesome all year tyre. Good grip. Good wear and great puncture resistance.

T. Kenyon says:

CV, you mentioned your go to is the Specialized S-works Turbo in the beginning, but you never said how the new GP5000 compare to those. I’ve been riding the GP4000, but last year before I heard of the GP5000, I considered switching to the turbos. I just wanted to know if you still had a preference of one over the other. Thanks for the good vid.

yoog says:

The plasticky feel is the result of the “vectran breaker.” Pretty much any tire with a real aramid puncture protection belt under the tread will have that “snap” to it.

Eddie C says:

Just wanted to say….love the channel and content!

Thomas Eser says:

The Same thing for ober 20 years…
Conti offers great grip. Pubcture protection. And good rolling resistance for the price of feeling more Stift and rigid. Bit the First 3 points are more Important for me so I keep on rolling on Conti.
But for Training I recommend the grand prix classic.
The 5000 are really expensive.

Jeff White says:

Good stuff Ricky, thanks for this. I’d have been wondering what improved. I also put the S Works Turbo 26’s at the top, they’re just so grippy and comfortable, but your observation of these being snappy is insightful. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving btw!

adrian betti says:

When do the group rides happen out of Bicycle Haus?

Will Tuanaki says:

Great review! Interested to see how these fare off with more mileage, not so much on the puncture protection side but on longer miles with rougher surfaces. Scottsdale has some great smooth roads for the most part… definitely different than (most) other locations. So far, I’m at a ‘meh’ with GP4Ks and appreciably more enthused about the Vittoria Corsa Controls on ride feel. Love the honesty and directness Ricky, your videos are like whenever Jay-Z used to drop an album back in the 90s.

Cycle Jockey says:

The GP 4000’s are a great tire. Hope the 5k is as good !

aforanti says:

Had the S-Works Turbo exclusively on my bike for about 25,000km only ever had 5 punctures in that whole time. The roads here are junk too. Change them every 5,000kms. The last set didn’t even puncture once over 5,000kms. The Turbo’s handle very well and offer great road feel. Just this week, out of curiosity and vanity, switched to Pirelli Velo. Feel and sound super nice – will wait to see how puncture resistant they are. They look classy too.

Baxter7 says:

I have the same bike as you do. However, what chainring is that? Looks great!! And, how do you like it? Thanks.

Anthony Chapa says:

I don’t think I’ll try this tire when my PZeros wear out. I wasn’t a big fan of the GP4000s to begin with. I had been on the Sworks Turbo 26 and liked those quite a bit. Decided on changing it up and ended going with the Pirelli tire and haven’t looked back. May want to give it a review. Good stuff!

supertampon5 says:

ENVE has a very detailed tire pressure/internal rim width/rider weight chart for tubeless tires at the bottom of the page on all their rims. So on a 18.5-20.5 internal rim width, 180lb rider, 25mm tire, its recommending 68psi. Assuming these tires were designed around tubeless. 90-95 psi is way too much and probably why these feel harsh and plasticky. Click on any of enves road rims and scroll to bottom of page.

sandydenny lives says:

I ride 120 psi road, 110 hybrid. I’m a big fat lardy tubsy boy.

/WSNX says:

when you do you post the review about the corsa control? i’m a pretty tall and heavy guy, and i had 2 flats in the last week. i’m really disappointed.

deepsquats11 says:

Thanks for the great review! Hey do you race on a clincher like this or turbo …or do you race on tubular/tubeless? Thanks

IAMsterdam1071 says:

I ride the GP4000 at lower pressure and I love them. I’m a little over 170 pounds, riding at 65 psi front and 72 psi back. Very fast, comfortable and no flats the last couple of years. High pressure feels fast but in practice it’s often the opposite.

Terry Hutchinson says:

Really looking forward to your high mileage review of the GP5000s. I’ve been riding the Corsa Controls myself for a while up here in Oregon. Roads this time of year are full of grit and loose twigs and such. So far the Controls are doing great – no punctures on my 28s. These tires feel great to me – fast and smooth. Hope to see your review of these soon.

Anibal Jesus Delgadillo says:

The GP 4000’s S2 is one bad ass tire. I can’t imagine the improvements of the 5000’s.

Fern Hernandez says:

Awesome! I’m already subscribed so I’ll be waiting for the long term review. I race on the GP 4000 S2, but I train and the 4Season tire. I use Gatorskins on my commuter bike, so I like Continental tires. I might switch from 4Season tires to GP 5000 if they indeed have better puncture protection because they do flat more often even at my weight of 135 lbs. In addition, my new Enve’s are tubeless compatible so I’ll get the TL version of the GP 5000 tire.

Charles Duke says:

I have been running the Continental GP4000 S for a few years here in Florida with 9,885 miles and have had zero flats. I use a 25mm on my road bike and a 28mm on
the flat bar bike. I run 100 psi on the rear and 90 psi on the front and enjoy the comfort and handling they provide.

Cycling Fan says:

Keep it up! Great review.

Burak T says:

Really nice review CV! Agreed with S-works vs. GP4000 clearance. I used to have Turbo 28mms early this year and had a large sidewall cut so I put GP4000 28s. But boy 4000s barely fit the frame. I think there’s 1mm space between the top of the tire and the frame. I was worried at first but there was no rubbing so I kept riding. Funny a couple people pointed that out during the group rides that there’s literally no room. I guess there’s not much to look at when you are following someone’s wheel and/or cyclists are very observant.

Re flat protection, I’ve had a different experience. I had way too many flats when I had S-Works Turbos. I think I’ve had none since I put 4000s or about 2500miles. BUT, I also switched to Conti Race 28s from Specialized Turbo tubes. I think the weight penalty is enormous (143 vs ~70g per tube if the internet is correct). Maybe, I value not having to fix a flat a couple times a month more than the extra weight I have to carry. Maybe, I should just use S-Works tires with the Conti tubes since I like S-Works turbos a little bit better.

Anyways, I think tire choice is a little personal in the end. At the 5000 vs S-Works level it’s more about the “feel”.

Btw, thanks for the tip on which direction to put the Conti tires on the wheel, ‘m such a n00b I really had no idea hahahahaha

Lance Link says:

If its skipping, I would let out a little air. 95psi is a bit high for your weight. I ride 28mm and you will find them to be much more comfortable with the bonus of even less rolling resistance than 25mm tyres.

J.D. Contreras says:

Thanks for the review. I will buy it soon using your amazon link.

Killerash13 says:

Is the grip bad?

Todd Wall says:

Great review man. I roll tubeless myself but it was still good info. I’ll be curious to see how they hold up.

Unrelated topic, been giving some thought on getting a Kask Protone. I currently have a Giro Synthe. It’s fine but I was thinking the Protone my be a bit leas mushroom headish?? Might be unavoidable though with my huge noggin!! Any thoughts appreciated.

Rick says:

I pre ordered the 25 tubeless. Can’t wait for it to come in!

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