Forget About Flats! Tannus Airless Tires Test. Part 1. Weight, Assembly etc.

I know these tires are puncture proof. In the first part I’m going to compare the weight of my wheels with standard and Tannus tires and will check out, how does the assembly process look like.
In part 2 I’ll let you know about the longevity, traction and rolling resistance.

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Sachin L C says:

Naaay. It’s risky.

Puteri Norashikin says:


Feyangel23 says:

Yeah these appear to be horrible for assembling, tire grip on the road, and overall weight

Colin Campbell says:

Where is the tire road tread?  Even road tires need trends or they hit a tiny bit of wetness on a bend and you carry on the way you were cycling and the bicycle will fly from under you and got the other way and you end up staining the road with your face & body.. And it will hurt allot..  So good basic idea but let down by no road tread to grip the road with?

M Sato says:

I put one in my Brompton, I threw it away after 6 month. It’s heavy, the roll resistance is like going up hill all the time and it’s not stable.

Wild Outdoor Living says:

There are way less obnoxious ways to not get flats.

Harshal Harshal says:

I want to buy airless tires and wheels

matelslug1 says:

where is the second part of this video, i looked every where in ur playlist but couldn’t find it.??

Swither Gamez says:

They make your bike heavy

DoomOfConviction says:

and after 2000km?

Mark Davis says:

Where’s part 2?

Joe Magnets says:

I rode a bike and had a little took kit that hung under the seat, an air pump that fit into the frame of the bike. It was no big deal, but it was inconvenient to be riding the bike and go over what was once where a bottle was smashed. Those tiny fragments of glass would cause a flat. But these tires really are the answer, and when they figure out how to put treads into those tires, what could be more perfect? I wonder how much longer before they figure out how to make those tires for full sized Motorcycles and cars.

hchattaway says:

After seeing an ad come up on FB for this last week, I ordered one for testing… I found the site instead of the 3rd party site that came up on FB… more choices then just black. 🙂
I got the 700 x 23 c in the hard foam…I prefer that feel… I installed it this past monday (6/11/18) .. It was a bit of a pain to get on at first.. but if you use the tool that comes with it to help slide the last bit of tire over the rim, it works out better.
My first ride was a 28 mile ride from Groton, MA up to Nashua NH and back… It was a great ride.. No extra rolling resistance at all.. very smooth, no drag. It’s just as light as a regular tire.. When I can get rid of my tool kit with the extra tube, CO2 cartridges and tire irons, it will be lighter overall.. Just got one at first, but just ordered the other one. Don’t know what the issue was with other reviewers… maybe the latest model is different foam formula.. but no drag, light and fast. And having had several flats already the time and aggravation saved to not deal with a flat will be well worth the initial higher cost. So far I love it… It’s on very securly… this will not come off!

mort low says:

part 2… ?

Norbert H says:

Next time use water and some dishwashing liquid for lubricating the tire will go in much easier and later the water will evaporate, works every time.

thechosendude says:

What Fulcrum wheels are those?


TO WRITE AN ANANLYTICAL SCRIPT, the first necessity is is to stratify your targeted demographic audience. If you cycle in the country on lanes which encompass sunken manhole covers., limitless potholes, broken glass from wing mirrors deposited by tourist cars scraping by each other, uncontrolled farmers cutting thorn bushes, you specfy a targeted user of cycle tyres that demands functionality. Here sets of tyres, regardless of protection levels are continually punctured and in many cases renedered useless. The rider is not concerned with TDF timings concerning weight and tyre rolling ability. Likewise for this rider the unlimited arguments and dialogues relating to the virtual irrlevant impact of: pedals, frame designs, costume, saddles, wheel weight and depth, gram saving gimicks. etc are alleviated. Puncture proof tyres (and gearing) are paramount. Scenic enjoyment is the goal not saving 1/2 Kilmetres and hour. For those who particpate on expensive perfect roads, cleaned daily by their district authorities who have unlimited cash, a realted tyre to functinality is bought into question. Again the user is stratified, those who are strong and in perfect health can boast they can change a pneumatci tyre in millisecods on a fine warm sunny day, catching up easily with those on heavier tyres (and presumably slower and less expensive bikes,) out manouvered by super carbon gram saving bikes with all sorts weight saving devices too. How many riders could actually loose a few kilos here. Perhaps weigh the bike pump and tyre levers that have to be carried and add the the gram saving mix with rolling functionality analysis thoren in, In conclusion your tyre choice targets you and your cycling arena. I live in the country and have stopped worrying about tyre pressures and punctures, my ride is is the enjoyement. I have not noted any differnces in airless tyres etc etc curtailing the time and bounce of my ride. Perfect no punctures on cold wet days. Sorry about any spelling mistakes, in a hurry, the sun is shinning so off out on a tour of the scenic hills

Thanawat Changmuenwai says:

I really have problem with air tube I will get two of these for sure but need gravel condition.

Mark Arnott says:

ACTUALLY STARTS AT 6:10M Lol now we insert the beers i mean the tyre into daaah rimjob
wait he said easy ? wtf whos gonna do this chit job not me how much do these anti puncture tubes cost ? $100 ? $5 for acheep tube 27″ at kmart lol

bishop says:

But you cannot use this on road racing coz tire pressure is fixed so contact patch is larger so you cannnot run faster speed

DJkayoo says:

Second episode about testing,where is it? This guy is useless reviewer.

jmpc0 says:

Takes you soooo long to say anything

Anthony HT says:

Tubeless is a better solution I think. It’s personnal, but I don’t think I could trust this design.

BKPanther says:

When do you plan to do the part 2 of this?

Joe Magnets says:

Seems to me, if you’re training, that you would use the heaviest bike you can find, to stress your muscles in order to condition those muscles to be over conditioned so that when you race, you have a better chance of winning.

andrew geary says:


Paul Bolus says:

Omg please stop using those rediculous sizes and just stick to ETRTO 😛

Ronald Higgins says:

Was that a tubeless tire or airless tube ? No apparent tread!

Andy S says:

Where’s the outdoor test?

Jp Aquino says:


jon b says:

they give u a tool and then you dont use it to put on the new innertube.

SecretAgentJames says:

No field testing? Not very reliable. And how do you remove the tyre? Not enough info review guy. Tsk tsk

Matt Thomas says:

I bought a preinstalled set of these tires from Tannus and they were delivered quickly! They’re good for 5000 miles. I will admit that they roll slightly slower than my Gatorskins and are an excellent training tire! You’ll also feel a bit more when you go over rough road! However, they are truly magnificent if you’re somebody like me that absolutely can’t stand flat tires and the time and pain in the ass associated with em! Rolling for many miles with no worries is exactly why I like to ride!

David says:

That’s it !!!??

Juan Fernando Medina Ramírez says:

Has anyone tried 700 35c?

diluteduk says:

Hope to see part 2 soon!

mi lu says:

please show how it bounce.

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