Filling a BMX TIRE with HELIUM!

Will it make my bike lighter? Faster? Hop Higher? Watch to find out!

This is Definitely one of the CRAZIEST experiments I’ve done to date, the results are mind boggling and we called a couple scientist to try and decipher whats going on… No answer. This was definitely a most requested video I’ve had in a while so If you seemed to enjoy this one drop a FAT like and FAT subscribe for more videos like this in the future:) Love Y’all!


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Gssr Rbhds says:

They blow up

kaos fishing says:

It works

Ryan Clarke says:

Card board won’t do shit

Kermit of Rivia says:

You called a couple scientists? You could’ve just visited your nearest community college..

Curtis Carpenter says:

Fuck these kids are stupid…. “deeeer I think helium is heavier then air” LOL WTF are u retarded. >< this generation no joke needs to be whiped out by a disease..

Liam Sullivan says:

I think you et

Juan Flowers says:

fill ur tire s w gummy bears lol



The all says:


Andrew Hunkele says:

92 degrees HA think that’s hot, move to Arizona where it’s 123 in the summer HA 92 I wish!

Skye Fuller says:

I bet the tries will pop!!

carolyn mmitchell says:

the tire will likely go flat because helium molicules will go through the rubber

savage twinz says:

Yes it dos

Anorak says:

Not gonna lie, when he breathed in the Helium I heard almost no difference in his voice

Joseph Albritton says:

Pretty sure donkey Kong music is copy righted

CoolBlueSky says:

the only problem i found in this video is the fact that it is long

Juan Flowers says:

fill ur tire w sploodge

Jesse Lumpkin says:

1:23 no i thought you were in a plane

Jeb Styer says:

helium is a gas so yes it is heavier

C BOSS and stuff says:

When you pump air into a tire it takes less air if you put helium you put a lot more

Cookie brains 7 says:


nicholas naraine says:

Who sub and like??

Xavier Ali says:

Lol dude u lifted up the bike with u which oveously make it mire heavy

Jumarinne Mhae says:

Fill it with liquid metal

Alex Jamieson says:

Video suggestion: “Filling BMX TIRES with HYDROGEN”
Instead of the stuff in that tank (not completely helium), you should use hydrogen, which is significantly lighter than the stuff in that tank.

Cristian Amaya says:

Nothing gonna happen

CangarooKYAN _YT says:

I think he is gonna fly

JR Tv says:

I think the bike is gone be lighter and have a boucier tire

Jord says:

But if you fill one balloon with air and then another with helium (both the same size ballon) the helium one balloon will still float and the air balloon will fall to the ground, so your theory about it “taking more helium to fill the tire because it’s less dense” is false. Get outsmarted by a 15 year old..

TheTimeForStuff says:

Idea: filling a car tire with helium and inhailing it

MackhiBurgessplayspsn says:

Reeeeeeee like me

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