Filling a Bicycle Tire with EXPANDING FOAM!

Say goodbye to FLATS! In todays video we test to see if we can FILL a BMX tire with EXPANDING FOAM!

Now this is not some ground breaking news. This is done with many tractors, lawnmowers, etc to prevent flat tires. Long story short we see if we can do this with BMX tires. IF you guys enjoyed this video then DEFINITELY drop a FAT like and FAT subscribe


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Jadan Hardy says:

It I going to be that same

darrell lockard says:

Your hands are fucked for at least a month

Ozzyboi says:

make a bike tyre out of duct tap

Ihope Gaming says:


Wyatt Young says:

Just Gonna Send It

Dj FMA says:

Please get a new bike

tomjam28 says:

Should fill it up with lego

Trenton Lippoldt says:

I subbed a long time ago are we friends? Lol you should try fillin up ur tires with sponges or foam

Ueno54 says:

Get some latex/rubber gloves.

YoungLucio Does says:

So man u should play the game of bike

Lamar Allen says:

Do both tires

David Streeb says:

U have no content on your other channel..

redneck teck says:

fill it with (Great stuff) foam

Coach Aaron says:

How this work in a tubeless tire

jas Tab says:

the propellant in those cans is co², so, take out the air from the can, then air it up with your bike pump


Fill your tires with orbeez if you can

sailingmylifeaway says:

Yeh, I forgot to tell you…nothing takes it off your skin. Ruin your driveway too…

Ryan Leighty says:

Insert more sad music at the beginning the bike was part of the family. I wish he could say here longer. You may take him apart now.

Jesse Lyle says:

Latex gloves dude

Sailerboy98 says:

acetone cleans it right up

more x says:

sub to me

Levi G-man says:

This foarm react to air

stuart williams says:

yay nice one

Kris Vall says:

Lack of rigidity!?! Say that 10 times in a row!!! Where’s my shout out???? #notificationsquad

Kevin Santos says:

Put liquid nitrogen in your bmx wheels

Dead Mangoez says:

Why are you so needy for subscribers and likes?

Austin lovelady says:

Fill your tire with am pm freezies

Mike Hagen says:

acetone will help remove that shit

Trevon Laurence says:

Bro digging that bike, where’d you pick it up from?

Lyon Agius says:

Isopropal alcohol or petrol and ride it on fire in the dark

Janes Gorry says:

Fill your tyre with sand

dombplays says:

Say hi to me notification squad

Jess Lewter says:

How do you get them off now….?

Josh Wylie says:

how much does your bike weigh?

Jimmy P says:

Ryan, were all thinking the same thing right now, YOU NEED TO BUILD UP A NEW AND REALLY SEXY BIKE but like change up the colors compared to your bike now

PaulioMaldinio says:

Needle Dick Media

Platinum K says:

Fill your tire with rubber cement!!


It gonna break apart inside like the ice or concrete video

Hellcat 1843 says:

U should try nitrogen in your tires

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