Fat Bikes – Are Fat Bikes Fun To Ride?

More and more of you are riding fat bikes. But, how do they ride?
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Fat bikes were originally designed to be ridden on snow and sand. But, they’re increasingly popular for all terrains. We actually hadn’t ever ridden one, so we thought we should send Neil out for a day riding one. Here’s what he made of it.

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bought me a cheap one for 500€. i love it so much, everybody told me not to buy one, but once they tryed it, they loved it too. 4″ are really nice to ride, even if its just the normal road.

Wild Outdoor Living says:

I’m considering one, mostly because the snow stays on our roads for three to four months out of the year and there are tons of groomed trails to ride in the area. Yes I’ve gotten by with 2.5″ studded tires in the past but studded fat bike tires would just be that much nicer.

2006ladylala says:

fat bike in a skatepark

TN MTBER says:

Neil you’re not a hipster

Susen Freemyers says:

I see so many people treating them as regular bikes. It’s funny.

Jamie Smith says:

be good if do a vidoe about voodoo bizango 2016

22brotherpants says:

I’ve got a nice Fatty and I’m not completely sold on it. The ride takes getting used to. I say to anyone, ride a demo first before you buy (or don’t buy).

K Marsh says:

you have some skills on that fat bike

שוהם סיסו says:

i have those upgraded Xc bike that i can ride mountain terrein with. but they are old and recently requiers more maintanace. so i looked up for new bike to “upgrade” . i viewed some MTB and then i saw the fat bike and it seems like a lot of fun
my Q is: can fat bike preform well enough on All mountain-enduro trails?
thnx ahead big fan of GMBN


I love them

WILKS says:

song plsssss

Ralph Ian DC says:

please do a Tricks with Fat Bike. Atleast Manual. wheelie. Scandinavian flick. And Drift.

Robin Cohen says:

my friend rides a $ 2300 fat bike without any suspension, I’ve been wondering if that would be a big difference to a fat bike with shocks, and how well it would do on more technical trails?

Pit Bull says:

A brand name ‘sikk’ actually a good brand w 4 inch fat tires

Nathaniel Rowe says:

Love fatbikes but I will never understand why a local commuter chose one for said commute, fucking moron!

Andrew Price says:

Only recently found channel. I have started ridding my Fat bike more and more on trails as its so much fun and when i switch back to my regular trail bike I’m so much faster and confident. Uphills are leg killers though. Curious what pedals are on these bikes being tested?

Oğuz Seçkin says:

song ?

Mainer Man says:

Thumbs down for your ending comment about fat bikes..ok…well.back on my fat horse : }

Samer Assaf says:

riding fat bike is fun, could u try to replace the fork with a suspension with a rigid one?

Ernie Desjardins says:

my cj7 is on 39.5 swampers. my bronco is on 39.5 boggers . my sportsman 1000xp is on 30 inch monster mayhams…. so I better buy one of these. sold me when he said monster trucks lol. guess I’ll park the rmx and ride a suzi Q

ExtiKT says:

it looks so cool but not practical

max rice says:

i saw a fat kid riding a fat bike

southernaccent says:

Fat bikes are a blast to ride. I think the 5″ tires are a bit overkill for anything but snow and not really fair to judge the bike on dirt trails with those. I run 3.8 (listed at 4.0) on a narrower rim that takes the size to 3.5 and they don’t have near the steering issues that even my 4.5 tires had on larger rims and much less rolling resistance. I didn’t think I needed a sus fork since it was a play bike, but I just kept pushing and pushing and almost stopped riding my 29 and upgraded to a fork and now its my goto bike. Tight eastern US trails with slimy rocks and roots is what I ride, but even on easier, faster, dry, flowing single its loads of fun.

Dennis Gaffney says:

What are the good models to choose from ?

Chris Johnson says:


Bike Stuff says:

I really want to try a fat bike.

Amy Grohman says:

was that easy to bunny hop?

James Renninger says:

Great videos. I”m old enough to retire and just bought a fat bike last year. So where have they been all my life? I now own 2 -one for dirt and one set up for snow. I seldom ride a “normal “MTB anymore. Love fat.

johnson6039 says:

I have a Voodoo Wazoo Fat bike 4 inch tyres and 26 inch rims and they are more than amazing to ride on roads, dirt tracks, snow, sand and all the other types of places. I have had it since my birthday last November and I have lost count of how many people have said “wow they are big tyres” or “can i have a go” or just “that bike is unbelievable”. When I do give people a go of my Fat bike they say it is amazing to ride and it is so smooth and comfy. I get a lot of stares when i go out riding lol, properly off the loud tyre noise lol.

RtB68 says:

Saw one of thereon the street today – looked hilariously beardy but kinda cool too. I feel quite conflicted. lol

Herpy says:

Fat bikes are good for fat people like me. Last bike I road before I got my fat bike I couldn’t keep tires on it. It was a Mongoose mountain bike with suspension and disk breaks, kept popping tired on it. I’m 6’5 and 288 pounds. My Mongoose fat bike hasn’t went flat on me yet.

Rockie mountin says:

These bikes are a blast if you are rolling down a mountain,but if you are just riding it on the street you will keep looking behind you to see were that bag of bricks you are dragging is, there is a lot of rolling resistance even with the tires pumped up on the hard side

aidan breedekamp says:

pin me pls

Snydlywhiplash says:

Super great stuff here! I am in the market for a fattie. With just $2000.00 to spend. Do you have any recommendations?

walter kersting says:

I ride water buffaloes.

Sean says:

2:02 just a normal wizardry appllied on the bike.. lmfao look at that front wheel.

TomHendobmx says:

I think fat bikes are excellent can’t wait to get one

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