Electric Bike Outfitters Fat Tire Kit Video Review – $1.7k Powerful, Fast, Fat Tire Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/electric-bike-outfitters/fat-tire-kit/ The Electric Bike Outfitters Fat Tire Kit is one of the most powerful and expensive kits in the EBO lineup, this planetary geared hub motor is custom designed to be wider for fat tire bikes, two rim sizes, thick 12 gauge spokes, punched out to reduce weight. This kit only works as a rear-wheel design but comes in either 170 mm or 190 mm hub spacing, the motor weighs ~10.2 lbs and makes more noise than any of the other kits but freewheels without drag. optional half-grip, full-grip, or trigger throttle, you can set this kit up as Class 1, 2, 3, or off-road with speeds nearing 30 mph, compatible with disc-brakes only. Fancy LCD display has an integrated USB charging port for portable electronics like GPS or phones, optional LED display is simpler but takes up less space, larger controller is not built-in to the battery creating more frame clutter.


HackHunter1835 says:

Another great review Cort. If the Consumer does their homework, at the end of the day they end up buying a RadRover will they not? I get the whole “they may want to keep their old bike” and buy this kit but first time Ebikers are not going to throw this kit on their old Giant or Diamondback Hybrids.

artdrectr says:

Court: 5-pentagon, 6-hexagon, 7-heptagon, 8-octagon. Bet you knew that.

supernova1976 says:

haven’t seen you this surprised by the power in a long time 🙂 how would you say it compares to a mid drive 750w motor combo ?like a Bafang ?

Mazxlol says:

this bike looks similar to mine (i built my own using a kit – motor+battery)

Dennis Dowd says:

That controller just seems to be sitting out there to get knocked around or even off the bike. Hell if I know what to do about it or if it is really is a problem. Is that controller just a box, with the controller mounted inside? Do you know any history around such a mount? It looks great, I mean you would want to get on it everyday and go riding. I went down to my local Trek dealer yesterday for the first time since I have been watching your videos, and was impressed with how many different electric bikes they had in stock or could get. I just had knee surgery, so I was using my crutch and I had to ask the guy how many potential riders does he get in using crutches. He had to laugh. Because I have been watching your videos I had a large of knowledge about their bikes and after a while he just walked away, since I kept asking him questions that he didn’t have a clue about. So, thanks to you for that I could drive the Trek salesman a little crazy. Gee, they surely had some nice electric and none electrics. My sister came with me she use to bike but gave it up because we both are in our sixties and with the heat, etc. I believe it just got a little too much for her. I might get her back into it once I get well enough to get back on a bike. I am dreaming about bikes now, so I him ready for sure, your videos are just driving me crazy with enthusiasm. I hope once I get going again, and get back to work, I truly want to get several different bikes in my garage so that I can do have some interesting choices. I need to join the local bike club. I was asking the salesmen about that club and he was saying they have some oldesters like myself in it. You can really learn so much from riders out there. Thanks for another great review.

John Fischman says:

I think the 2018 rad rover is a better choice

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