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Hey everyone! As requested by many, here is my review of the QuietKat fat tire electric bike (QK eco 750). I have used this bike for hunting, fishing, scouting, commuting to work, trail riding, and other outdoor recreation purposes. If you have any questions please leave comments below!


My Camera Setup:
Camera Body: http://amzn.to/2hVv4TQ
Lens: http://amzn.to/2uAI8E7
Microphone: http://amzn.to/2vStyHI
Tripod: http://amzn.to/2vS7tZY
Adaptor for camera/spotting scope: http://amzn.to/2uACJwN
I use the tripod for my binos too! Adaptor for binos: http://amzn.to/2uAyTDM

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The Hammer says:

We get it you’re cute, you can stop trying so hard now.

williiam harris says:

I’m in.

andrew justus says:

I’m in for the giveaway

Dillon Nelson says:

Just saw your IG story, so in for the give away always looking for a good read.

AZ BackPackHunter says:

Didn’t even know you had a youtube channel. I hope I win that book. I’ve always wanted to read it

Juxe says:

In for the Giveaway! I love your channel and your videos Allie! So much enthusiasm! Greetings from Germany

shank that bass says:

I bet this giveaway book smells like a million adventures

Anthony Ramirez says:

Im in! Im in!

58dorsett says:

I also have an E bike,(different brand), I use for hunting purposes. Although my bike has a shock type front fork, I also get that numbness in my wrists when riding rough roads, and trails. Perhaps you could look into getting a rock shox type fork with adjustable dampening as long as it acomidates your front wheel. Also I lower the air pressure in the front tire to 15lbs which also helps take some of the jolt out of the bumps. The Ebike has definitely upped my game as far as mulie hunting as I can move from place to place quickly, and quietly. Only problem is I usually have to run to nearest town to recharge the battery every couple days.

ericbowhunter says:

I want the book!

George Langston says:

I’m in for give awY

Cory Michael Harris says:

I’m into the wild!! I mean, in for the giveaway!!

Robert Franks says:

Hi nice video you do know that you can upgrade your front fork to where you can have a suspension Forks put in and I think that will save your wrist a whole lot of aches and pains go to the bike shop and tell and tell them you want to upgrade your front forks suspension forks don’t know what you’re talking about you can buy them from the aftermarket off of Amazon

Seth Baldwin says:

I’m in

ADK Ed says:

Im in for the giveaway…

Brandon Fuijoka says:

im in for the give away!

Bailey Gullikson says:

Hey I’m in for the giveaway!

Subwoofer 101 says:

Depending on how tall you are, the bike may be too big. A 19″ bike is ideal for those 5’10” or taller. If you are not that tall, that will have an impact on your wrists and shoulders. You would be reaching too far.

You can reduce the problem by getting a shorter stem to bring the handlebars closer.

You can also slide the seat on the rails towards the handlebars. Bikes can be “fit” to the individual rider that way, and gets a little complicated, requiring a plumb bob, but good bike shops can do it. It makes a difference.

You can also look into Ergon grips. Spreads the pressure out, I use them with great results.

If you’re under 5’6″ (or so) a small would be better, 15-17″ bike. Between 5’6″ and 5’11” a medium would be good, 16-18″.

Good video!

pahuntnut says:

its a shame that many states east of the Mississippi wont allow these on public land. We still have to drag out the whole animal until we get a heart attack and die. The state and federal land managers prefer that over using something like this.

williamsfield wildman says:

I’m in on the into the wild book. Loved the movie. If you haven’t watched it, its well worth it.

HeavyMetalJess says:

I’m in 🙂

Jared Denison says:

I am in for book

Jessica Lynch says:

I’m in for the give away!!!!

scott karns says:

Is that you on the front of the Scheel’s weekly ad?

Mark Vaughan says:

In for the read it forward… and future reviews. I’ve been curious on this bike from Instagram posts. I will read this forward to my hunting buddy, Brock (my son)

breathe and squeeze says:

all that fly-fishing should have built your wrists up. note for next summer: more fly-fishing.

Justin and Fifa says:

I’m in…to the wild

Sara Wagner says:

I’m in for the give away! :). I just finished a sand county almanac and I’m looking for another great book!

Drew Roberts says:

Hi Allie! I’m in for the Into the Wild book give away. Thank you!

Joshua Frazier says:

I’m in for the giveaway!

mike c says:

I’m in it for the giveaway

Bob Xziang says:

I may have missed it but what is the price of that particular bike everyone I see is 2K+ Can you also please confirm as to if you are or are not sponsored by them? Thanks

John Schnedler says:

Allie. You should watch the documentary ‘return to the wild’ by his younger sister. Sheds a unique light on the book and it’s public perception

Slim Jim says:

Glad to see you’re up on the laws for these e-bikes. Alot of people are getting them under the assumption that 750 watts or less isn’t a motorized vehicle and can go wherever they want.

Thumper Joe says:

Good review Allie, I have the Rambo 750 power bike and I love it. We hunt public land here in Montana and we just used my bike to retrieve my buddies 186 1/8 typical whitetail that was still in velvet using my Rambo cart. I may pick up a quiet Kat saddle bag those look Money. Also I’d love to read that book as I fell in love with the movie and the sound track. Thanks and good luck this season.

SCRPNKNG6691 says:

I’m in

UpstateArms1 says:

The quitw kat line of products is innovative, no one can deny that. Perhaps iam just old school and enjoy the physicalness of hunting and along with hunting trooping it to the stand or blind. Albeit my one stand location is just shy of a mile from the main cabin. With all the tech nowna days and the mortgage payment pricetag i think ita hest suited for those that are aponaored and get it for free or the “hollywood” hunters.

Brandon Johnson says:

Not here for the give away, here to watch awesomeness!

TheMichael401 says:

I’m in!

breathe and squeeze says:

would it be tough to make a riding-bow-shot? next video??

David Zeitz says:

I’m in!!!

JM TUBBS says:

I read the book…. loved it.

mitch germany says:

I’m in!!

Brome Barium says:

Im in

Jeff Stewart says:

Sweet video. Matt Carriker has a very similar version E-bike and loves it for various things and his ranch videos. I could listen to you talk about anything and be interested in it, keep em coming!

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