Easy Simple Way to Flat Proof your Bicycle.

Easy Simple Way to Flat Proof your Bicycle.
I was a very avid cyclist and from years of experience and many miles, I found out that the best flat prevention for bicycle tires is to use flat stop liners. The flat stop liners go between the tube and tire and offer a great deal of puncture resistance. It is nearly impossible to get a flat with a flat stop liner installed in your bicycle tire(s). In over 13,000 miles of riding on the mountain bike I think I only got one flat. Many times I ran over glass and even smashed into bottles and shattered them, but these liners in the tires just kept them rolling with no punctures. If you are concerned with the weight of the bicycle tire, then only use the flat stop liner in the rear, since that is usually where you get a flat and it is also more difficult to fix a flat on the rear versus the front tire. Also just running the flat stop liner in the rear is a lot less noticeable, if you do perceive a slight difference in the ride of the tires. If you use a bicycle as transportation or go on long tours a least one flat stop liner in the rear is essential. Some people buy more expensive kevlar bike tires but you don’t need to use expensive tires with flat stop liners. Plus you can reuse the flatstop liner indefinitely every time you need to change out worn tires and put on new tires. If you decide to commute on a bicycle the flatstop liners are a fantastic idea and will prevent many flats.
When you install these flatstop liners, it is a good idea to buy some very inexpensive tire levers, because tire levers make installing and removing bicycle tires much easier. You can get away without using tire levers but the tire levers also will keep you from damaging the bicycle tire when you either remove the tire or install a new bicycle tire.


ez icarus says:

Did guy snd like a badman

stickygumshoes says:

I just got a flat with these flat stop liners but it was an extreme case! I ran over a shape blade of metal, went in straight down. Whats interesting though is that I was able to ride the bike for another mile after driving this shaft of metal into the rear tire.

When I went to replace the tube, I cleaned off the tire because I planned on fixing the flat at my desk. As I ran my hand wiping the dirt off, I encountered the cause of the flat. At first I thought it was a staple, but as I pried it out of the tire, I soon became aware that it was a long sharp shaft of metal.
I noted the flat stop liner, and I realized at that moment why I hadn’t gotten a flat in over 3 years before running over this shrapnel.
I have 3 different bikes, I am going to go out and buy more of these flat stops, because although it didn’t protect my tube in this instance, I realize that nothing short of a full metal tire could have done so.

Also, on one of my other bikes I had armadillo tires, I did get a flat with those on, in that case it was a thorn. But the problem with the armadillos is that they are so Taut, that it is almost impossible to pry them off the rims.
Thanks for this video!

Ivan Ceballos says:


DGM Damn Good Music says:

Yo, Adrian ! Adrian !

Wilko1991 says:

Radical accent dude!

Suzanne Szárai says:

What kind of glue are you using?

queef meme 2k17 says:

is this rocky?

Teener Meener says:

will this work on 20″ wheels also?

Bossmanrocks says:

Make sure what is covered up?  The nuts holding the spokes?  You said to stop the spokes pushing through.  I’m lost here.

Orion Xavier says:

I use a thicker inner tube with “slime” to prevent small holes, along with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires (“flatproof”), and flat stop liners. Unfortunately nails, razor blades, other long sharp pieces of metal, still goes through ALL of that. Mainly because I weigh 280 lbs. and that puts a lot of pressure on the rear tire which causes things like that to penetrate everything and puncture the tire.

David James says:

Good idear.

Randy Fuller says:

Why not just cut off the valve on a spare inner tube and place it inside of the tire so that way you’ll have tube on tube plus it’ll make the tire resistant to punctures?

This Magnificent Thing says:

Never buy the ‘Slime’ plastic tyre liners, because they CAUSE punctures because of the sharp ends where they overlap.
Despite sanding them down they still cut into the inner tube in time.
Utter crap.

David Branscome says:

Anyone ever use gorilla tape?

ApocaIypse666 says:

howcome i never knew about this my LBS fail to mention this to me instead of buying a ridiculous expensive continental tyres and man im pissed… months of savings now this to buy that darn tyre goddamn pricks anyway thanks for the info man really appreciate this

Michael Anderson says:

The worst thing about riding a bike is headwind it’s like going uphill all the way

Mukesh Pandya says:

Nice…. thanks for the tip.
Did you hire Stallone to present this 😉

The antisocial 1 says:

I use pens to take my tires off. like los

titanium9000 says:

You’d make millions impersonating Rocky Balboa!
Pretty cool voice..
Thumbs up!

Colll says:

Hey, I realize this video was quite a while ago but I just wanted to ask if duct tape would do a good job to stop flats? I recently popped my first tire in my 10+ years of riding all over my neighborhood. I basically took of the top layer and put some duct tape at the bottom and sealed the edges with super glue, its holding up well. I would have changed the tires if it wasn’t a 4000$ bike. The wheels cost 120 each so yeah.. Anyways I replaced the top layer for just 30 bucks and the bottom one with the duct tape looks like its going to hold up. I want to fully wrap them with duct tape though, is it a good idea?

Saabrito says:

I have a Kevlar tyre but my bottom valve stem keeps ripping and it’s getting annoying

Tim Love says:

Thank you so much! I bike EVERY day to work, and apparently the city doesn’t care to street sweep the area I have to ride. I get flats ALL THE TIME. i have used the tubes with the green goo, but they can only patch so many holes. I will gives these flat stop liners a chance! Thanks again.

Drex Ferguson says:

Cinderella story…

daryl wizzard says:

Where do they sell them liners ??

John Thompson says:

I put in some mr. Tuffy liners. After 2 short rides i got a damn flat. Maybe it wasnt centered. Either way i decided to put an extra liner. You know its really sad we have to deal with flats. We can build spaceships but somehow we cant ride a bike without getting a flat with modifying it. Thats stupid.

xmoroseguyx says:

My dad told me he just carried a spare inner tube in his pocket, That way you can just swap the inner tube and fix the puncture later on at home at your convenience

Glenn Lagdao says:

hey that’s ancient stuff man. Nowadays we just use sealant and that solves the problem

Maafa 1619 says:

Dat is a good idear.

Keisha Grant says:

thanks this helped me get my sons bike together..

Marshall Rines says:

Double wrap inside of rim with gorilla tape. Best thing I ever did :):):)

filmtajm35 says:

Thank you for sharing. That was a really good tip.

General Porkchop says:

Tire liners will stop flats in your tires for awhile. But, eventually the liner will wear a hole in your tube at the point where the liner overlaps itself. Be warned.

joecarrolljnr says:

great video, very helpful. cool accent!

el verdugo Pr says:

flat proof tires are scam, there was a news 2 weeks ago.

EliteWolf1972 says:

You ride 50 60 miles on that,do you wear a mask?

Sylvia Aguirre says:

Thumbs up for this comment this guy sounds like roccky

Herminigildo Jakosalem says:

Ang dami namang sat-sat nito, Di na lang dumirecho sa topic nya.

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