Easy + Cheap eBike!! Motorized Wheel Conversion Kit REVIEW

iMortor Electric Bike Wheel ➜ https://goo.gl/CSi1CZ

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This is a cheap/affordable way to turn your ordinary bicycle into a super cool eBike (electric motorized bike).
Wheel size (3 models) are suitable for any 26-inch mountain bike, road bike, or leisure bike. (Tread width: 48.26mm)
It’s an electric brushless 240W hub motor and removable rechargeable battery (36V 130Wh). There’s even a USB outlet to charge your devices on the go. Connect with their app to view live speed, distance, and other information.

Top Speed (flat ground): ~15 mph
Distance (rated): up to 15 miles or more with pedal assist

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Nick Walters says:

Do you know were I can buy just the throttle adaptor

justas drigotas says:

Why did he cut off the mounting hole? He could of just rotate the wheel a bit

nazario vicente premiani says:

en que dirección se compra en argentina ciudad autónoma

aydin2288 says:

please tell me how i can buy the secend battery ?because its battery finishes too soon and i need the secend battery . please answer me .thanks

Video fo China says:

279.99~I can give you a whole beautiful e bike! How many do you need?

motorhead 327 says:

So for this kit, there’s no big bulky controller box or excessive wires? Or did that not get covered?

Epic Gaming says:

When shipping cost more then the actual item.

Dirk Bartschat says:

Hi 🙂 Klasse Video – hat mir Spaß gemacht beim anschauen.
Auf meinem Kanal findest du auch Videos zum Thema Urlaub, Dänemark, E-Bikes, Fotografieren, Events und vieles mehr.
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du bei mir vorbeischaust

tubesockets120v says:

Forget popping wheelies. I guess this is an attempt to make 26 ” wheeled bikes relevant again.

Drunken Society says:

Will this fit with Raleigh Talus bikes?

Hareesh Kumar says:

Excellent! it is possible to get the recharge automatically while running?

fantomtuba says:

does it regen charge?

Restoration, LLC Z & B says:

It’s way too cheap! You can’t get quality for this money… A quality battery with charger costs this much if you think about it! Also it’s heavy and bulky for its power. Its shaft and bearing will be rusty in a couple of months even from humid air cause of its faulty seals. The rim will bend easy. How about if you go on a longer trip? It helps at the first 20 miles or so then you have to carry the extra weight with you on the rest of the trip! If you invest into extra batteries than you carry the empty ones with you as well. At the end you’ll loose energy! Save this money and invest into a quality one with separate battery that you can attach to the frame. You can get better range and weight distribution… Just my 2 cents!



Gary Lewis says:

What Ben said….130wh = 3.6ah, which means the battery is miniscule and won’t come anywhere near using the full 240W motor capacity.

Ariel Mantupar says:

Hope your battery is in Graphine type for a more better power.


Can i get one for a 20 inch rim? Also can i get one for my back tire instead of my front so the torq can be in the back?

aydin2288 says:

Is it possible to buy that by e-bay? if yes by what name i must search it in e-bay? thanks if you answer me soon.

Krishna Teja Ghanta says:

Do you ship to Germany? I cannot find one in German stores.

souslicer says:

where are you filming?

Manuel BR says:

Seems nice. Do you know if it’s waterproof?

GlamTelevision says:

The price, simplicity and specs is impressive – but what is the hillclimb capability of the wheel and do they sell spare battery packs so that it can be replaced for extended range?

Stev Rex says:

Thanks for this review. Appears to be a very straight forward install. With a modest price.

forfluf says:

Bang Good is Chinese for Fooled Yooooooou!

Other Peoples Meeples says:

“… looks pretty sick… “?? How old are you?

Banzai Banzai says:

Nice bit almost 500$….ouch

Gabe Escobar says:

go faster lol one more mile

Treston Severson says:

Does it come with everything to get going and riding?

Chai Sarak says:

do they sell the extra battry ??

Rick Gross says:

25 mile range on pedal assist not good enough for what I’m looking for. I usually do 20 to 30 miles on my road bike I would want the electric to go an extra 15 to 20 miles in pedal assist mode.

airplane george says:

how does it peddle with a dead battery?

OJ Ivey says:

sounds like a good price i have a Raleigh C-40 mens bike. it has a front rim diameter of approx. 26 inches. how can i order one a motorized front bike wheel?

ecsyntric says:

does battery charge while pedaling? that would compensate for the small Wh

Blue Mountain Edward says:

Today I cycled 10 miles to work then 10 miles home. It would take a bigger battery to go that far.

tyler morris says:

Can u put it on the back

Amieroll Mukminin says:

I found 200 bucks for the kit… but most comment say here this thing not worthy….

cakeba says:

I’m a mechanic at a bike shop, I own two multi-thousand dollar bikes, I know my way around two wheels. A guy came to our shop insisting that he just “wanted to show us” something but didn’t want to *sell* us anything. With a little pushing my boss got it out of the guy that he was one of the biggest investors in the company that makes these. Me, knowing what a good bike is and also weighing 210lbs, thought “This could be neat for someone who knows nothing about bikes.” If only. I took the front-wheel-driven bike to our parking lot where I have tested thousands of bikes, and gave it a spin. Mind you, 210lbs is nowhere near the upper limit of people who ride bikes, and I get the feeling that this product will attract bicyclists on the heavier end of that spectrum rather than the light, fit people who probably own a bike that would never accept this technology anyways (since 26 inch wheels are no longer mass produced by any bike company). So I sit on this bike, I throw the throttle wide open, and it takes the bike until the end of the parking lot go maybe 10mph. (Our parking lot sits slanted at maybe 10 degrees from flat, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s not perfectly level if you stood in it). I’m immensely unimpressed with the power and torque of this thing. I turn the bike and immediately the motor struggles to keep up, not even going up the slight slant of our parking lot whirring and pulling me to the end at a top speed that couldn’t have been more than 5ph. But that’s not the end of it; the particular model I was on, which I was told was a prototype, had regenerative braking. Normally this is good and on high-end electric bikes can be toggled on and off. On the bike I rode, the regenerative braking was more powerful than the cantilever brakes on the old 26’er. not impressed.

Vegas Cycle says:

Do you have fat tire bike version 20’’ X 4’’?

Tanishq Naik says:

Thx man

420Akillese says:

The music is trash and not needed. Thumbs down.

Bhupender Singh says:

Nice demo. which mobile app you use to connect bike with cell phone?

Maxwell Lynch says:

I’m looking at a kit that’s 350w motor. 7.8ah 36v battery 280wh. Is that suitable for 20 mile range per charge?

F Huber says:

How many different ones have you looked at and is this the best?

How about one that can easily use batteries other than the maker’s custom pack?

Bubacat 1 says:

for that price I can buy a bike already e be proud of that wheel your gona have it a long time

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Super easy, fast, and cheap eBike conversion kit!

Check out current pricing! ➜ https://goo.gl/CSi1CZ

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