Continental Ultra Gatorskin Road Tire Review from Performance Bicycle

The Continental Ultra Gatorskin Road Tire combine high mileage and puncture resistance in this fast-rolling, wire bead road tire. It’s made with DuraSkin polyamide fabric to ensure excellent sidewall protection without compromising weight or ride quality. It’s a favorite of commuters and world tourers across the world. Click the link below for full details.

Continental Ultra Gatorskin Wire Road Tire.

Continental Ultra Gatorskin Wire Road Tire.

Continental Ultra Gatorskin 26 x 1 1/8″ MTB Street Tire.

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Tokasz Sogalewsky says:

Is this tyre tubeless?

bax450 says:

How “not fast” are we talking here?

Living In a Bubble says:

Ultra gatorskin or just Gatorskin? there’s two different tyres

Jeffrey Herman says:

This is the only tire I’ve been using for years. I swear by it, especially in the pothole infested state of Rhode Island.

Randy TheRam says:

And yes, they do offer superior grip! As my shoulder could attest to. I am switching my front tire out from Mich to Ultras as soon as the Mich’s blow out for that reason. I have already purchased it and she awaits the installation. Nothing but Ultras for me anymore.

SeabasR says:

I think I’m going to get a set of these. I still have stock tires on my bike and the rear wheel is square, lol.

Jared Fontaine says:

Is it bulletproof???

Laszlo M says:

my experience with this tyres are excellent , I really recommend it , but I don’t agree with the side wall ” !!! that is the most weakest part of this tyres ! I had always punctures only from the side. I have no idea how because im not rolling on the side 😀 but i pulled out glass and a 3-4 inch long wood screw!!! 😀 , but i stick with this tyres because when you need to stop in emergency , you will stop where you want , or you can go really fast in corners ,roundabouts 🙂 !! and light weight as well 🙂

Robert Shaffer says:

do you run these at normal pressure?  My front tire blew out the sidewall and I used 110 psi

shotokun16 says:

Continental tires especially the grand prix 4000s is amazing–i only put 1400 miles and it still has treads.

Erik Broo says:

This guy looks fast in jeans! I would too if my pants didn’t jump every time he man-handles that rim!!

Nonexistanthuman says:

love my gatorskins/hardshells rarly ever get a flat would recommend this last set only had 1 flat and it was still a new tire 2nd set none 3rd none hopefully i dont get any by writing this comment. also the amount of glass i run over in las vegas is crazy!! still dont get em i 100% back these tires up!

OperationFoxley19441 says:

Just got a set of these today and they are light, my bike feels lighter compared with the stock tyres it came with.

Emil Ram says:

Rubber ?

METALsyndr0me says:

I like this guy the most.

StreetZips says:

Mine just blew after 3890 miles of riding!
Just fitted a new one. Very happy with it.

focused200m says:

I ride a fixie u kno no breaks, I skidd a lot to stop would thies tires be good an about how much for a wheel set

jhobbz45 says:

Gatorskin is not a fast tire but perfect for training and commuting.

E. Adrian Ambriz says:

i just bought it one month ago. quite expensive and sad that exploated after riding in my normal routine. No over preassure and totally clean instalation. exploted in the side were it has contact with rim. i see a separation between the ruber and the ropes of the tire. I can see the ropes and separated from the ruber. in my front weel I have the cheapest michelin and had been work perfect. maybe someone has a theory why it happened.

Suhdude024 says:

Blew out my back tire multiple times, then I switched to the gatorskin. 2 years and a maybe 1500 miles later….no flats.

Omar Morales Luna says:

Would you reccomend the Hardshell or this tyre?

David says:

These tyres are simply awesome. Ask yourself the question. If you find yourself underneath or hitting a car smack on £60 is insignificant in comparison to the alternative. I can’t believe how they grip. Cycling for years had the Kevlar but not the grip on other tyres. These have to be tried to be believed. Sorry but they won’t stop wankers pulling out in front of you though!

Performance Bicycle says:

In general, we’ve found these tires to be bombproof. We ride them for commuting and harder rides like the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo. There is however the rare chance that something on the road could have hit the sidewall in just the right way to puncture it. We’ve got a lifetime return policy, so if you’re not 100% satisfied, please return it to your local store or ship it back to us and we’ll swap it out.

comedyman112 says:

ofc it’s not fast, it’s not meant for racing, it’s mean for everyday conditions, being very puncture resistant

macance says:

Best tires I’ve ever ridden on – I’ve got a pair of wire-bead 700x28s on my touring bike/commuter and rode thousands of miles without getting a single flat! Never got a puncture, never got a pinch flat. I’ll be riding Gatorskins forever!

DannyNadal says:

How does my Gatorskin sidewall have a hole through it after 2 months of riding?

Jason Bain says:

Great tire 10,000 miles and counting without a flat!

cyber bri68 says:

I LOVE these tires!!! Every once in a while I have ran over glass, nails and other stuff on the shoulder of a busy rode and no flats!!! I try not to run over stuff but some roads are so busy ya just have to go over what ever is there. Other tires I’ve had have been totally destroyed and I have been left stranded from severe sidewall blowouts. I have more than 2,000 miles on the current pair and I just rotated them and it looks to me like I can get 2,000 more on them. Other tires I’ve had in the past couple years I’ve only got 200 to 500 miles on them before the sidewalls have failed. I highly suggest anyone that puts lots of miles on bikes to get these tires, they are great for long rides, commuting, training and more.

DannyNadal says:

I just bought a new gatorskin last week so I hope i don’t have the same problem

George Gilles says:

I had some Mavic tires but I switched those and went with these instead.

coastelpump says:

would these tires last longer than the resist nomad tires for skidding?

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