Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Tire Review

Rob reviews the Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tire. Get them here:


tal landes says:

If I have 23 mm on my bikes what do I need to check to verify that I can put 28 mm instead? 

ElliotWORLD says:

It comes in 23 as well. This is my tire. No tire I’ve used has provided me with as many long stretches of flat free riding. My only complaint is that they could be prettier!

Max Williams says:

My gp 4seasons tyre is less than 3 months old and the surface rubber peel down to the thread when I had to emergency brake. Useless rubbish. I had much cheaper tyres and under same braking conditions, I never had such damage to those tyres what a waste of my money.

MidgenTwentyOne says:

My experience with the 4 season is that it lasts about twice as long as a 4000S II in terms of miles. I have about 8k miles on 4 seasons over the last two or three years and have had ZERO flats with this tire. I normally run the 28mm version, but lately have been running 25’s just to test. I’m running them at about 60f/65r PSI, and as a big guy (6′ 5″ – 240lbs) have not had any trouble with pinch flats.

Amaury Js Perez says:

I’m not sure if I buy Continental 4 season or piranha 2 of 32c I use fulcrum Racing 5 ​​LG CX on my
Cyclocross in NYC what do you think?

Michael Campbell says:

Are they for winter only? I know they’re called 4 seasons but I’ve yet to see a review on how they ride in summer!

xxxxsmfxxx says:

fairplay that’s a very informative review, I previously used the gp4000s and they were outstanding tyres. might give these a go next

Tony Kazulin says:

Is there a particular reason to go from 23 to 25 for winter city riding?

J Arana says:

I can’t decide between these or the hardshells, any advice? (i’ve had 4 punctures in the last month)

Alex Soto says:

I run this as my rear tire and it’s very strong although it’s durability is questionable. I have a gp 4000s up front and it’s still has lots of grip and probably will hold up for hundreds of miles more.

Raf M says:

I have the 4 seasons 700x28s on my hybrid bike. Surprisingly, I am able to keep up with some road bikers … What a difference. These tires added 1-2 mph to my avg at 100 psi compared to my old armadillo 700x28s. Pedaling at high gears also felt easier.

01phantomx says:

What about the 28mm

Erica Khamari says:

Nice tires, but color choice are ugly, they could have made a better choice of colors.

Jarrod Osborn says:

How do they perform in the cooler months in the dry?

Sherry Lindsay says:

I only had mine for about a month and I sliced one open.  They’re a very comfortable ride, but I’m not sure it’s worth replacing an $80ish tire if I’m going to slash it open in another month.  I put a ton of miles on Gatorskins before managing to slice one open.

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