Continental GP4000 S Road Tire Review from Performance Bicycle

We’d say with confidence that the Continental Grand Prix 4000 S Road tire is arguably one of the best all-around road bike tires you can buy. It’s fast, holds true through the turns, lasts forever, is durable., and has even been known to add an extra half a mile to a mile average speed to people’s rides just from switching to them. Your tires are, after all, your only contact point to the road, so it’s definitely an item you’ll want to spluge on. Click the link below for full product details.

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wanganui63 says:

Changed from Vittoria Diamante Pro Light to Conti 4000s 3 months ago and what a great move that was. Far more grip and a much smoother ride.

Des Chew says:

I am new to road bike. I was told I need a clincher tyre for my tyre replacement. Do I need to get a tube after installing the GP 4000?

rsr789 says:

Thanks for posting!

Yute Hube says:

Its lighter and more expensive than a gatorskin. Which one has more puncture protection is debatable I guess. Thing is the GP4000S is 30% lighter and only about 20% more expensive. SO GET A PAIR!

Bobby Hill says:

is this better than a gatorskin?

Mellow Miles says:

would you suggest 23 or 25 mm ??

simon40sp says:

Yes it is

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