Continental Gatorskin 25mm road cycling tire review: 6,000 miles

These tires I have ridden for 6,000 miles so far and by the tread wear indicators I might just get another 6,000 out of them.


RoBitusin says:

how long will it last if you skid it all the time?

Gabriel G says:

Dude work on the shoddy camera handling, almost threw up watching this.

Ron Tindale says:

What are these like for winter use?

VISlONARY1 says:

One thing worth mentioning is that these tires are directional, meaning they are only supposed to rotate in one direction, you don’t want to put them on backward which is very easy to do. It tells you on the sidewall which way they are to rotate, but it is quite difficult to see. This guy has them on correctly though, but I almost missed it when installing mine.

Billy Taylor says:

Are there benefits from buying folding tires over rigid ones?

John Mason says:

sorry bud, shit intro, so no matter what you say, you’ve lost our attention.

Rock Roll says:

Have had many pairs…Never knew what the two holes were for…

hunkydude322 says:

hand made or not those tires seem be very good quality, i may have to buy some somtime, cause i keep gettting flats on my road bike, i also think the tires are bit wore, but anyways they sure look like good qualitly tires, thanks for the tips.

stvtron says:

dark video, can’t see tread.

Hedley Kerr says:

Best training tire Ive ever had 2 seasons on the tubular version (25m) still weighting to see if I get a flat 6500 k

Alexey Pashchenko says:

extremly bad on rain

Charles Rush says:

They claim they are hand made but they are not. For quality control on a consistent basis and for Continental to have reached the level of production and demand they could not have that many employees. That’s is just a marketing pitch to gain a higher price for their tires. They may still make tires by hand for special requests by the pro teams but not the general consumer.

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