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Can a tubeless tyre survive pins and a nail being driven through the carcass? We put it to the test…
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Michael Collier says:

Top Tip. never get a puncture again, don’t use tyres. Fred Flintstone never got any punctures on his car did he.

Khan Ahmed says:

Its heavier than the normal tyre with tube. It has a rubber strap that is equal to tube weight and secondly it must be more thicker to avoid punctures and also it has sealant inside that is also weight. It is complicated to repair and what i believe its a one time use, once it start leaking there is no other way to fix it again or else it will not work smoothly, not to mention its a cumbersom job to repair it. Sealant will also by the time get harder so it will make tyre uneven so more the punctures it get the more quickly it will get harder and get un even.

Zander Mertz says:

Try hitting 25mph it wont seal.

Charles Rush says:

My experience with road tubeless. Installed Hutchinson Sector 28C tires and some Stans. 1st time out ride I got a piece of glass stuck in the tire. I didn’t notice it until I got home hours later. The tire still seemed to have high pressure but I didn’t gage it. I pulled the glass out and it has never sealed at high pressure, 90 to 100 psi, since. It will seal at around 70 to 75 but I keep getting sprayed with sealant while on a ride. Tubeless is fine for mountainbiking and city trips but high pressure road tires, no way. It will get you home and that’s about it.

m00nchildblues says:

just got a 17 giant trace 2 w tubeless tyres. going to remove tube now and add long blackberry thorn flats in Washington forever!

Pushyhog says:

Probably, but not every time. And let you down with messy sealant.

The Dark Defender says:

or thumb pins if you are asian

Radu Morar says:

ow man so great im down for this fuck tubes

ignaciogps says:

I have tried tubeless but with a cut provoked by a small glass the sealant leaked everywhere until pressure was low. I am back with clinchers since then

684anand says:

rotation of tyre seems to be prerequisite for sealing …

Ianis Caratti says:

i remember perfectly when Robin Gemperle (ex Nino Schurter teammate) was racing a fixed gear crit and the back tire just popped of the rim. The sound of carbon scrubong and hitting asphalt is one of the scariest for a cyclist. So even if this was 3 years ago and the rim wasn‘t tubeless specific I won‘t change my setup just for the puncture closing „advantage“

glenny oc says:

I used to put a green liquid into my tubes a few years back and it reduced punctures or flats on my MTB. I wonder how much of a weight saving there is over lightweight tubes.

cristofor pelic says:


nvzble says:

Guys , what do u think about road bike tires on a mountain bike ( I live in Lisbon , the streets are not that slick for a road bike , nothing actually not the side walk , not the roads full of tram rails ) so I wanna sell mine and get a rockhopper sL and for some slick tires on it – any advise

Archie Makuwa says:

Awesome test dude. I’m only starting to cycle and I’m looking at going tubeless.

Ryan says:

Terrible experiment for the below reason

Aleksa Rajkovic says:

is it worthed to convert my rim to tubeless on mtb?

Michael Raymond says:

Assuming the tyre is beyond the repair means of the sealant, and you’d have to insert an inner tube, how difficult is it to remove the tubeless valve?

sleepys life says:

suggested tubeless road wheels?

Swink says:

If the puncture happens with a 170 pound rider on the bike, the sealant will have a much harder time sealing, I imagine. Then after losing some pressure the side of the tire can unseal as well and all the sealant will run out. Saw it happen to a friend who had a very small puncture.

Johnny Bravoo says:

My Schwalbe Thunder Burt (490gr, 26×2.1) front tyre blew a hole in the middle and sprayed the street with white goo. It healed in a few seconds and I didn’t even have to stop to check it. I continued riding it as it was, jumping in high speed, etc, for half a year. Today I exchanged the tyres to a Schwalbe Wicked Will 26×2.5 rear/Magic Mary 26×2.35 front combo, which added 1 kg to my bike, but feels much more stable, like a tank. Inside the old Thunder Burt tyre I found a pee sized blob of dried latex just inside the hole, which had kept me safe all this time.

Joel says:

Amazing that it takes almost 5 minutes to tap a nail into a tire

Brad Jensen says:

So how does that sealant hold up when you put weight on the tire.. as if you were really riding on it?

mohd mashharawi says:

is it the sealant for car tire working on road bike tires ? is it the same or i have to buy specific road bike sealant

IndoPindaNL says:

So pro’s should ride Paris Roubaix tubeless?

Michael Collier says:

What about a longer cut from glass?

Jake Baynes says:

I run tubeless on my trek cross country.. it took off a ton of weight, and i dont get punctures anymore! Worth the cash!

Ronan Carter says:

Why not put the sealant in a thinner inner tube? (genuine question, I’m an ebiker so weight isn’t a problem but reliability is)

Chan Kok Merng says:

nice test!

Cycgnr says:

Anyone else struggling with tubeless on road? I’ve tried stans but it just doesnt seal the small puncture after you start riding again (deforming the rubber), reinflation doesnt help either. Sometimes it just wont seal even the smallest, and then all of a sudden it will completely blow!

Joshua Kessler says:

My tubeless tyres survived 7 giant bullhead thorns. Have several that I couldn’t remove still stuck.

Sniping Turtle says:

Today I ran over a fat nail and it sucks

gulf city nicholas danca says:

got a nail once never got a another punture

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