Bike Tyre Pressure Explained | Road Bike Maintenance

Tyre pressures aren’t as simple as they may seem. We take a closer look at what you should be doing to ride faster as well as staying comfortable and upright.

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Ex-Professional Cyclist Simon Richardson talks you through the theories and practicalities of the secret art of tyre pressures.

When the presenters first started racing/riding it was very much a case of 120psi in the tyres, 23c were standard, and let a bit out when/if it rained.

These days there are wider tyres, wider rims, different styles of riding. We get to the nitty gritty of what matters so that you keep grip, stay fast and have a comfortable ride. Oh, and then there is the subject of punctures too.

Simon has even drawn his own table of what he recommends based on his weight and a some maths.

Let us know your thoughts and views on tyre pressure in the comments 👇

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tzalwelzijn says:

what about those Vittoria’s that say 8 to 12 bar? That’s crazy for my 71kg

CAMPER Honsa says:

Crap, I also weigh about 70 ish kg but my tire says min 90psi. Well then, concrete it is.

ILikeWeatherGuy says:

I just follow the 33% rule of mtnbike sag for the suspension

RoseOfHizaki says:

I usually go smack bang in the middle with between the minimum and the maximum so 100-110psi

k1e1v1i1n says:

I’m 280 lbs I am wondering about tire pressure on a gravel bike. I don’t own one yet but thats the way I’m leaning. I guess I will have to run the widest tire I can fit on whatever bike I get. a few online calculators are telling me I will need 200 psi in the rear wheel, that cant be right can it?

MrPaullyS says:

If you were riding a short race would you put more pressure in your tyres than if you were doing an all dayer? i.e. you can put up with a bit of discomfort for more speed if you’re only going to be in the saddle for 40 minutes or so?

Jakob Ortner says:

I´m the proud owner of a tandem, its continental grand prixs are inflated to 11 bar (160 psi)

Leonard Ashcroft says:

I’m riding 110psi because I’m fat.

Bill B says:

@GCN sitting in the lunch room at work and ate some feta cheese off my shirt, turns out it it was a piece of deodorant. How’s your day going ?

stereo steve says:

Do i need a special inner tube if i want to use a 28c tyre??

dunerider says:

25mm 50-75psi
28mm 40-60psi
32mm 25-40psi

Guoenyi says:

I weigh 70kg and I have 100/103psi. Road around Sydney is bumpy and shit too haha but I have no issue with grip. Conti GP4000 II 25c is dah bomb!

Doug Hungerford says:

What brand of tools do you guys use?

Michael McDermott says:

Now, never would I have imagined myself watching a video about tyre pressures.

But, Si can actually make this enjoyable. So there.

leima nailuj says:

i use 20 inch tire, what do you pressure you recomend on this..

Chris Nelson says:

So I watched this video when it was posted last month, yesterday my new 700×25 Vittoria Rubino Pros arrived; and this gets me to ask: What about going below the min pressure when the min is listed as 100 psi (they are labeled “100-130 psi”)? I’d like to run them lower and I can’t image pinch-flats or squirmy tires at 90 psi. I’m mounting the new tires today, but with cold & snow in the forecast, I’ll likely be riding the fatbike (at 12.5) psi for the next few days.

Fury62 says:

What do you guys think of this Continental GP4000 S2 ? Is it a good race tyre ?

Deckard Shaw says:

Schwalbe one pro 28mm: 5 bar front, 5,5 bar rear with 100kg rider. Immensely comfortable and quick.

Va4esS says:

75 kg, 6-7 bar, depends on the road surface, but that was on my old bike with 25c tyres, my new one is with 23c though, first planned upgrade will be 25’s, but until then I ‘ll probably go with 7-8 bar.

Zvaigzne says:

On dry conditions 130 psi and Im 60kg. On wet I just let it get soft. 700×23

Alex Raha says:

using 25c, weighing 95kg, 105psi at back, 100psi on front.

firstcomes firstserved says:

buttom line n conclusion is ur feel on da bike tire pressure not someone else is understand

Jeesoo Lee says:

Hi GCN, I’m still quite confused what pressure recommendations should I follow because my schwalbe pro one 23c tire actually measured 25 mm width when installed. Is it 25c? or 23c?

Jan Teplicky says:

hi, can I ask You a question. I paid for new (handmade) wheel and learned about ETRTO which give me a headache…
The rim is ETRTO 13Cx622 and I the tire is 23c = it is safe? OK? because after installing the tire it looks literally in “V” shape (like if it was big) thx

Derek Rush says:

With my Contis (and me being about 150lbs) I typically run 90psi rear (25c) and 80 – 85 front. That seems to be my happy spot in dealing with the absolutely horrible Massachusetts roads.

Eric M says:

Does the inner tube size also matter when determining pressure? I run a Conti GP4000iiS 28mm with inner 700cx19-25 tube

Lan Huang says:

New Trek Emonda at 4:26?

Campbell Goodwille says:

If I’ve got a Canyon Aeroad (like the one in the video), which comes with 23mm Front and 25mm Rear, what pressures would you recommend?! I’m 72kg, so roughly the same as Si…

Minus Tempo says:

hello sir can i ask something about road bike tires… which is the better size in roadbike…. cause i wanna buy bike..its my first time

Bris Focus says:

but why do pro’s run super high pressures of 130-140 psi???

Jared Carino says:

Global Cycling Network Can you please explain 1:00-1:11? ive watched that clip over 20 times now and i still dont understand.

penchepic says:

Wish I had seen this before my sportive on Sunday. Ran 110psi in both and I weigh 85kg (should probably run 92/97)

Vencer Montes says:

hi there! would your tire pressure applicable in both tubular and clinchers?

George Costanza says:

again GCN is providing misleading information.
i run a 25 at the front with 90psi and a 28 out back with 80 psi.
conti grandprix.
please re edit this video immediately.

Ironmanuel says:

1bar per 25kg of body weight means that you should run 3bars(40psi)?

Global Cycling Network says:

What pressure do you run in your tyres?

(I go for 90/95psi – Lasty)

robotserious says:

@GCN would it not be 1 psi for every 15 kg of body weight?

Jake Szymanski says:

According to your math 63kg I should run 28c tires at 50/55 psi. That seems really low… I’ll give it a try, but from experience it feels like that pressure gets you too close to pinch flats on anything but perfectly smooth roads. Is there potentially a limit to the framework you’re suggesting in the table at 3:39?

Samuel McBride says:

Very cool Si, I weigh 15kg more than you (not so cool) but I should set my 25C tires up like you set your 23C tires. That makes it easy.

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