BIKE TIRE FAIL – Don’t Buy These Bicycle Tires!!!

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Continental Town & Country bike tires look great, have a unique tread pattern and are designed for both on and off-road cycling use. But be warned, these tires have a short life-span and are not designed for the demands of long-distance, self-supported bicycle touring.


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FYOU says:

conti always crack!!! i wont be using Gp4000s !!! Conti just dont reply when u ask them abt it!!!

Duns Scotus says:

German engineering is over-rated.

Charles M Rinehart says:

I just bought Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires for my Trek. Supposed to be the best.

saintsfisherman says:

thanks for your post. How many miles would you say that you put on them in the 30 days that you had them. If it is not a lot then is there another all terrain style tire that you could suggest. I want something that is quiet on the road and has a tiny bit of tred for the few trails that I calmly ride down.

James lumley-parkin says:

as a bike mechanic I see this quite a bit Most of the the time it is due to poorly setup rim brakes, if the pad sits too high on the rim it contacts the tyre while braking and causes wear. Just a thought. Obviously not the case here with disc brakes.

Jonathan Powell says:

It’s not the tyres fault, but the moron who installed it?!?!…also it comes down to how you inflate and use on certain conditions

jbvap says:

thats odd, continental road tires rock love the gatorskins.

Touring on a Bicycle says:

I am using the Continental Touring Plus Tires 26×1.75 on my Surly LHT 26 and No flat yet in Southern California

Fly White says:

I sold the bike and moved on to better bike and tires

pavanatanaya says:

As a mechanic with 15 years experience, my guess is the bicycle load was too much for those Conti T&C tires. Schwalbes are good tires to start your journey, There are also folding tires that can be stowed as you travel, but i know you already carry quite a bit of photo equipment. Your best bet is to invite me along and I will take care of the mechanicals…Lol

rideswithscissors says:

Holy Moley, my favorite tire for a mountain bike on the road! Now I am riding a 29er, but I am using the equivalent from Conti, I hope this doesn’t happen to me! The T&C tires have had a high rating from reviewers, but there are no recent reviews that I can find, the are as old as 2013. Continental still sells them, according to their website. I see now that this is a 2 year old video. I hope the manufacturing has improved!

Stasys banifacius says:

I saw, touched, drive antique bicycles and motorcycles with original tires, had allot vintage bikes with original tires, one thing is different compare to contemporary tires is longevity, producers compete for price and try to use cheapest as possible materials to make profit. Bought cheap race bike swalbe and it was catastrophic bad quality. To know more about tires we have to see what from they are made—-like on food package. other way its just guess.

Casey Strouse says:

The Continental Gator Skins have a similar issue with the sidewall being destroyed quickly (mostly an issue with lack of UV protection).

Ydonkov says:

I had a very similar experience on my road bike Continental tires. After only about 1.000 km the outside of the tire loosened so much that the inner tube started to come out.
It was not cool, as I was also somewhere outside my country on a sunday afternoon with all the stores closed!

Péter Király says:

Could it be that continentals are all bad? I have “contanct ii”s on my bike and they were cracked everywhere ever since I got them. especially along the reflective line (i noticed the cracks after a couple monts of use). They seem to hold up good as far as the road wear goes, but wouldn’t buy them for the next replacement. It has been a year and they still work with about 6 thousand kms on them though.

littlegoobie says:

having a poorly seated tire will cause that problem exactly. first it wobbles a bit because there’s an offset in the seating. The odd force angles will pull that spot in the tire in directions that it’s not made to withstand and then it gives and you get that weird patch and your ride smooths out (no longer wobbles). …and this btw, corresponds with the section of bead that’s worn funny. If unseated properly, the edge of the rim rubs a high sidewall section of the tire that, again, is not made to rub that way and is quickly worn away. That said, some brands of tires are difficult to seat properly, and sometimes will not seat properly on some rims. The tire circumference is almost always too small rather than too big. The first sign that is a possibility is when you struggle to get the tire on the wheel using your bare hands, which is all you should need.

Vicente Siufi says:

Schwalbe > Continental

Ravin' Dave says:

Just came across your video. I’ve had nothing but problems with Continental Tires on my commuter bicycle – they were always cracking within months of install, even though the bicycle is kept inside and away from the sun & weather at both ends of my commute and I keep the pressure at the recommended psi. . And that’s after two sets; I was hoping the first set were defective, got them replaced for free, but the second set cracked, too. Never buying Continentals again for my bicycle or car.

fabi says:

I never had any punctures or flats with my Continental tires and I always run RaceSport tires

earthstick says:

It’s not just these T&C tyres where threads come away from the bead area. I have used Continental GP4000 and GP4000S tyres on a road racer and had the same problem. Threads start to come away from the sidewall near the tyre bead. This can be disastrous. Inevitably a thread is going to get wrapped around your hub and every revolution is going to unwind the threads that make up the carcass. Next you’re going to have a sidewall blowout.

Paul Silver says:

As far as i’m concerned, you can add Conti Travel Contacts to this list for the same reasons.

wahwah1013 says:

Continental Tires are notorious for weak sidewalls across their entire range . Google them you’ll find a plethora of pissed off BMW, Audi and Benz owners.

Illuminatus5 says:

xD Had that Tire ones too! Never ever again!!!! It really is incredibly bad… cheap but still not worth it. Never had that many punctures on a touring bike…

peter nolan says:

I got the exact same problem with mine also

kesk82 says:

The problem could also be an inappropriate combination of rim and tyre. On the video you can see that it is a 26×2.1 tyre, i. e. 54mm width, so the rim should be 25mm wide (inner width) for this tyre.

Ray Welch says:

Thank you for posting. I’ve had the same problem with Continental tires. Now using Schwalbe Marathon Plus…

buttwuurst says:

those town and countrys used to be a great tire 20 some odd years ago when they were still made in germany. used them here in san francisco on my mountain. perfect all around tire. went to my lbs for a new pair one day and saw they didnt seem the same quality and said made in india. tried them anyway. they failed just like yours. shame on continental for ruining a great tire.

Chairul Anwar says:

Its not fun when you have flat tire in the middle of the road…its not fun at all

Kevin Gary says:

I had similar trouble with Marathon plus tires – now I wonder if my tires were properly seated? At least they lasted for a couple of seasons of commuting back and forth to work.

WindOfTheWisp says:

Just curious…has anyone has had this type of failure with any of the German made Continentals? I’m considering the Top Contact II. Their web site tells which tires are made in India and which are from Germany (click on Advanced Filtering). The Town & Country line is made in India.

donald walter says:

I had these (Continental Town and Country) on a recumbent bike and also found the side wall failure like you were experiencing on your Estonia trip. They barely had 500 km on them. I have since gone to Schwalbe Marathons for most of my bikes, however their foldable versions are very difficult to seat on the rims well.

Mike Kelly says:

Wait a minute, they were crap the first time you them, but you bought them again anyways?

Pedaling Pete says:

Continental products haven’t improved. Every one I tried had sidewalls that separated. Made in India. Perhaps they use inferior rubber there.

Dwight Jerome says:

My Surly LHT came with Continental Touring Plus tires. I’ve ridden 3000 miles and done 3 fully loaded tours. Only one flat so far. I would only use touring tires on a touring bike.

schlooonginator says:

I know Conti have 2 lines of MTB tires and wonder if its the same with these.
Their good tires are made in Germany while their cheap tires are made in India.
Unfortunately their cheap line sucks. Had a friend buy a pair of 26″ slicks and he ditched them purely because thye rode so bad, like riding through sand he said.

Paconovia says:

Schwalbe Marathon Plus…period

Fly White says:

I have road mine on a gravel roads about 200 miles so far

Bruin Doc says:

Thanks for the heads up, Darren.

brad wells says:

continental do have problem with there Side walls, I run Schwalbe marathon plus tyres on my commuter and touring bike and on my trail bike i run Schwalbe land cruiser plus tyres and never had a single problem both roll really well don’t have to worry about punctures

Mofo Outdoors says:

Somebody needs to invest in a tire pressure gauge

Oggy Ren says:

continental =crap 100%

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