Bicycle winter tyre without spikes? – Testing Continental Topcontact Winter

Here is my new winter tyres. Continental Topcontact Winter. In this video I’m going to test them in very slippery condition with my Azub Max recumbent bike. See how well they perform.

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JouTuubi says:

Kiitos tästä arvioinnista! Mahtaako näillä pärjätä työmatkoilla 10km suuntaansa (melko hyvin hoidettua kevliä), vai pitääkö sittenkin harkita MaraWintereitä…? Nämä voisi omaan hybridiin olla kokeilemisen arvoiset kun ei jaksaisi sitä nastojen ropinaa kuunnella ja nämä varmaan rullaakin paremmin.

Tommi Kivimäki says:

Interesting tires indeed. Is the rubber compound softer than in a regular tire?

Tom Hospes says:

Did you also try the tires under the quest. I am very interesting in that.

Yannick says: here is also a test to compare the force needed to make different tyres slip.

jack flak says:

That’s interesting….cool video ….thanks. ..

John Allen says:

For conditions like this, what tires would you recommend for a trike?

Living Well Life Hacks says:

Those are impressively grippy tires! Thanks for doing a demo and review. I would never have guessed from the stability of the bike how your shoe would slip on the pavement.

Alexander Hetzel says:

Those conditions are exactly, what we usually get around here in the winter. Good to know, there are alternatives to spiked tires, which are overkill here except on the two or three days we get with black ice.

DanChalueJr says:

Thank you very much for posting this Saukki!!! I was wondering about this tire and now after seeing your video, I am definitely going to get one for my WAW velomobile. This definitely convinced me seeing you ride over all the different surfaces and still have pretty good grip.

Henrik Badsted says:

Impressive that you can ride in such conditions 🙂 Do you think they will fit on the Quest Velomobile? I have the Quest XS and are looking at some tires that will get me up some steep hills when I commute to work.

bcstractor says:

Better you than me!

phenoge says:

interesting, might have to get these. been thinking of getting studded tires but they’re overkill. I wonder if these Topcontacts will still do well as the tread wears. I also wonder if there’s a molecular interaction with the rubber that doesn’t create a slippery boundary layer as wax or metal would or if it’s simply a softer compound that allows it to stay grippy.

Gert-Jan Wijers says:

I am really surprised you are cycling in that kind of slippery conditions! I am a weenie and stop cylcling when temperatures go near 0 C…. Very impressive!

Velogi - Pyöräilevä videoblogi says:

This is interesting! Anxious to hear how soon they wear out and loose their grip. What about the rolling resistance? At least smaller than tires with spikes? By the way – what’s your microphone setup – seems to be working well.

Emanuel Monte says:

That’s awesome thanks very much now I know the winter tires I am putting on!!! Living in Canada you need them!!

johannes koedood says:

so on sluch still skidding but nn problem when just roadsbe carefull when dark

velo-ads says:

Nice Vlog Saukki, I’m amazed that the tires you are using are so grippy and do not have spikes on them.Looks like they were a good purchase.

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