Bicycle Wheels and Tires – Deep Dive Guide, Electric Bikes There are many considerations that bicycle manufacturers make when speccing a bike with different wheel sizes. Stability, steering quickness, frame height, and portability all come into the picture. The next step is choosing a tire. Some tires offer reflectivity to keep you visible at night, while others are focused purely on durability and traction. New plus sized tires compromise weight and rolling efficiency to increase comfort, and have become very popular on electric bikes because they have a motor that can help overcome.


Mark G says:

Bike tire sizes are out side dia. of the tire not the rim

MegaTrdi says:

Thanx 🙂

Bob A says:

Chris is one of the best go to guys in E-bikes for quality and safety. He also makes sure your bike is shipped in special container boxes to ensure less/no damage during transport. So thorough and dependable. I would trust him with an ebike purchase any day.-Thanks Court!

pj520 says:

Hi Court, love all your hard work in doing all these reviews. Great job! One thing I wish you would include on your reviews though is the ground clearance of different bikes. And what I mean by that is the distance between the pedal in the full down stroke and the ground. More than once as a kid I was thrown off my bike by entering a turn a little fast while pedaling and having the pedal strike the ground which meant I was down on my side for a nasty slide. I call it a high pedal slide. As an older adult now, I pay close attention to the ground clearance of the pedals and the lean angle of a bike. This ground clearance is also important for going between speed bumps in parking lots and neighborhoods, as well as pulling up to curbs, going over curbs, and pot holes, tree roots, etc. With e-bikes you tend to ride a little faster than a regular bike also, so paying attention to the lean angle of a bike is very important, especially if you ride on trails like I do with lots of fairly sharp turns. My current e-bike,a addmotor M850 fat tire, has 10 inches of pedal clearance which means i have never high centered it which I like for my purpose, but the down side is with the pedals up so high you don’t get the leg extension that some people like and the stand over height is pretty high, everything’s a trade off. Keep up the good work!

abbaby555 says:

Thank you for the great information

mark west says:

ye rite he looks like fun

M B says:

My current ebike tyres are 26 x 2.35 but because of the type of tyre on the bike, I’m getting too many punctures. Having watched this video, I want to change the tyres that came with the bike with Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB but the nearest size they do is 26 x 2.25, so is it possible to fit 26 x 2.25 on the existing rims or is this going to cause an issue?

Silly Wabbits says:

Excellent video Court, Love your store, Chris

M B says:

Hey Court. Your website and your videos have made ownership of an ebike so, so much more enjoyable than it would otherwise have been and for that I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re doing a fantastic job encouraging people of all ages to get out there and fall back in love with cycling all over again. I consider purchasing an ebike to have been one of the best purchases of my life and you and your other contributors have and continue to play a major part in that. Collectively, you have made the ownership of the ebike so much more fun than it would have otherwise been. I started to ride bikes when I was only 8 years old but soon gave up when I learned to drive at the age of 17. Four decades later with considerably less energy than when I was a young man, I started to ride again. I live in Europe and where I live is very hilly but hills no longer present too much of a challenge to me. During the 9 months I have owned an ebike, I have covered over 5,000 miles and feel much better for it.

FOXHAN says:

The Marathon Plus tires are the best things I’ve ever purchased.

Welsh Gaming says:

Court what is the cost of that Tern Vetron that is on the wall? is that model sold in EU (UK) thanks for the video

Dmitri Nesteruk says:

I look forward to a video on brakes, especially how to handle 45kph type speeds. Personally I don’t think current solutions, including quad-piston, handle high speeds well enough – there braking distance is far too long.

Cyrus Farivar says:

Ditch the wide angle lens, everyone is seriously distorted. I feel like I’m watching Doctor Tongue’s 3-D House of Pancakes!

Nancy Crosby says:

Great info thank u

ForbinColossus says:

@14:20 LOVE that ring of tire sections / sampler thing!

Honky Tonk says:

I swear by slime tube sealant. I bought a new giant bicycle back in 2005. till this day that bike still have its original tire and tube thanks to the Slime put in the tires in 2010.

Roninbikerider says:

Love your channel Corey. I run super moto x on my 27 plus bike. No problems so far but now I ride a 4inch fat bike for winter.

D60Ebby says:

Very informative. Thanks for the lessons. Would enjoy more of this type of video.

Elmundo says:

ha you didnt alk about rolling resistance specific for ebikes

roko 2147 says:

Love the haircut Curt!

Buster Wolf says:

Marathon plus is the best ebike tire I tried. Never get flats.

Herbert Torres says:

Hi Court you really get around. One day colorado, then Vancouver then LA. Way to go man.

Bennostatefair says:

Are any of the ebike tires DOT rated?

Bob A says:

Hi Court-I thought you would mention a bit about foam core or solid no air tires for ebikes. Looks like they need to do more R&D with them. Not a big fan based upon reviews I have read.

Larry Conger says:

More eMTBs Court, these last several bikes are boring, time to get to the good stuff lol, this was a great video and educational, love ebikes, love your channel keep them coming

Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

Awesome video guide! Thanks again!

Steve Donovan says:

That was enjoyable. My only peeve is I hope we never get the regulatory restrictions the EU have, Chris says “we’re not that far along” well maybe 25km officially approved tires, 45km officially approved tires because bureaucrats say so is much too far along. In the UK they cannot legally ride faster than 15.5mph with an ebike.
But a lot of info… The difference in tire volume and pressure ratings was nice to know, just because. That was a neat cutout of the punctureproof tire, just looking at it makes an impression. Going tubeless with tires like that looks like a smart alternative. And one result from boost hubs is widening the spoke angle for a stronger wheel. Just interesting… you guys did a good job while, covering a lot of ground 😉

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