Best Puncture Resistant Tires For Road Bike / Commuting

In this video, I’ll be introducing some of the tires that I use on my road bike and commuting bike. I strongly recommend them since I have yet to get a single puncture on either of them with over thousands of kilometers ridden on both sets.

The main tires I’ll be looking at in this video are the

#1 Schwalbe Marathon
Great Commuting/Touring Tire
US –
Japan –

#2 Continental Gatorskins
Great Smooth Rolling Road Bike Tire / I’ve used this in races and it performs great
US –
Japan –

Buy 2 pack and save $$$
US –
Japan –

#3 Schwalbe Durano
Appears to be a good balance of protection, low rolling resistance, and a cheaper price point. Still haven’t test ridden this yet, but will be testing it out from now on.
US –
Japan –

Buy 2 pack and save $$$
Japan –

I’m sure there are a lot of other great tires out there.. This is just a list of the ones that I’ve used and have found to be reliable and puncture resistant. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

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king cockroach says:

conti 4 seasons my choice

David Lloyd says:

All my bikes are shod with Continental; either GP4000 or Attack/Force. I won’t touch Schwalbe again, after I had a sidewall rupture on me for no reason. I wasn’t even moving at the time.

nikarko01 says:

Schwalbe..ahah! I get a flat per week, I think it depends where you ride. If is Germany not problem, it is in a city full of broken glass on the streets because the government doesn’t clean, impossible!

Two Wheel Cruise says:

Hey everyone, just so you know we started our Taiwan trip and have been busy getting our first few rides in. I was hoping to get some video editing done quickly, but we’re going to be sending our luggage ahead to the next city while we ride in between, which means no laptop for a few days. So it will be about a week until the next video, but there’s lots of good stuff coming!

The same goes with responding to comments, I may be a bit slower than usual..

Andrew N says:

In total I have over 20000km on Vittoria tires. Have had 1 puncture which probably was the innertubes fault (looked like a manufacturfault) I love the Corsa 25mm. Very fast tires.

L. traveler says:

Since you race Cat 1 or used to, what was your FTP and racing weight?

Chasing Chinster says:

Schwalbe Marathon Plus are even more durable, heavy duty and reflective. Perfect commuter tire! Maybe a bit overkill for some people but it’s nice to not worry about a flat especially in the winter.

oldsap says:

cheaper more durable tires you can buy in Japan: Maxxis Re-fuse

なお汰 says:


Howard Petrie says:

Had my first puncture on my Gatorskin yesterday. A staple just a bit heavier than the typical office staple somehow manage to kick up and penetrate the tire and tube as I rode over it. Have had good luck with these otherwise.

Pathfinder.Gregg says:

Totally agree about the Schwalbe marathon.

Jam velez says:

I use a chaoyang viper 23c tire hahaha and they are awesome

FTW1207 says:

Shwalbe Durano Plus for me…..

Jin Nac says:


Aaron Y says:

I am mad scientist. It’s so cool sonuvabitch!
I wonder if I can make a jersey with everything steins;gate on it hmm

Daniel Phua says:

I always use the very common Continental gp4000 II. Works well, rolls well and puncture resistance is good too. 🙂

Brian Messemer says:

Great video and very practical as tires aren’t talked about often enough IMO. And yes, for road riding, Continental Gatorskins are the way to go! Have a great trip and ride safe in Taiwan. Hope your wife’s doing well. Cheers-

Ronaldo David says:

Hi cruise, you should try schwalbe lugano, much cheaper than durano. I have been using it for 8 month, and never got flat tire even our road got many tiny rocks..

Cuckoo says:

How to pronounce Schwalbe . Greetings from Germany

Kiril Cavdarov says:

Yup, the Schwalbe Marathon 700×25 are great . About 1500 km on mine so far. No flats to date. Not much wear either. Worth the money.

readyset says:

Panaracers are great I have a pair of RiBMo and TServ.
They were about 30 USD per tyre. The RiBMo held up to trails, gravel, dirt, and pavement.
The T serv I’m still working on that bike ha…
But they were fold-able so it saved on the shipping cost, usually bike shops charge an extra $10 for the large box for the beaded tyres.

Pablo Martínez says:

Show me last tires in box please unboxing please

Jeff Harper says:

I started wrenching on bikes in Germany and quickly was corrected the first time I said it wrong. haha “Sch-vahl-buh.”

Pathfinder.Gregg says:

Totally agree about the Schwalbe marathon.

Peter Campbell says:

Have ridden on the Duranos and really like them. The gatorskins are nice but have had bad luck with punctures and they are so hard to seat on the rim compared with vittorias and schwalbes.
My go to is the Vittoria Rubino Pro, usually cheap, rolls really well and have yet to have a puncture with several pairs on several bikes over thousands of kms.

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