Best MTB Tire for 2018? Maxxis Minion DHR 2 – 29×3 – Review

Could the Maxxis Minion DHR 2 be the best plus tire ever made? What about the best MTB tire of 2018?!

I have desired a high volume tire with low rolling resistance that really hooks up when braking. Does the Maxxis Minion DHR2 29×3.0 meet all these criteria? Find out what I liked or didn’t like by watching the whole video. I also give recommendations for different 29 plus tire combinations for front and rear, depending on the terrain you ride and your riding style.
The Maxxis Minion DHR2 is a little heavier than other 29×3 tires at 1114 grams and it measures 2.955 inches wide at the tread, 2.98 inches wide at the casing on a Duroc 50 rim that is 46mm wide.
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Phillip Woolston says:

I bought a pair of vittoria bomboloni 29 x 3.0 what are your impressions of these tires? They are in the mail and I got a really good deal on them but if they are not good I want to take them back.

stuffnthings says:

Love my standard size minions. Damn good tires.

roi k. says:

I want a beard like yours

Michael DeAmicis says:

I stumbled into this review when you posted it on the facebook bikepacking marketplace. And it just so happens that I have been doing preliminary research on 29+ tires to put on a fat plus wheelset I want to build at the end of the year. This was very informative and refreshing, especially since I love my 26×4.8 minnions currently on my bike. Thanks for sharing your experience.

stidd1 says:

60tpi vs. 120tpi for this tire? any opinions?

M_ White008 says:

Great review I’m about to buy these tires in none + size but imputes from all fronts is helpful!

Jcool721 says:

Thanks a lot! Do you think that the DHR II rolls as good as Chupacabra? The Chubacabra is very bad rolling if the pressure is low (10-11psi). Last summer I fell too many times because of the front tire was kind of floating on the trail (Chupacabra). It just slides off without any warning in the corner and sometimes I had lot of speed, dangerous indeed. In front it is possible to have more air so this tire seems to be good candidate for me.

TofuCakeCan says:

I’ve been riding a DHR 29×2.4 in front on my trail bike for about 7 months now and 500-600 miles, and it really is an awesome tire for the front. The side knobs are getting a lot of undercut, but the center knobs are really holding up well. The rolling resistance of this tire really isn’t an issue except maybe on the flattest of trails. I haven’t rode a DHF up front yet, but I picked a DHR because it’s lighter weight and most people seem to think it has a better RR. It’s also been VERY durable to punctures & pinch flats. I’ve yet to have mine go flat on me ever. I’ve been considering trying an Aggressor in the front next for possibly improved RR, but i’m so satisfied with the DHR its hard to want to try anything else.

Chris Killer says:

My old tire found fame! Glad things worked out.

Robert Schultz says:

awesome! thank you ! just tested the See flow snap 2.6 29, good bible front, good for DH, and jumps, running higher pressure, just no volume. back to maxis. cheers , Rob

Channel Zero One says:

Thanks for your well worded input on these tires. I too, am looking for nice grippy high volume tire.
I just got a plus tire, but its not giving me what I need, so that’s why I am looking again.:)
Upvoted and subbed.

Bradley Naughton says:

DHF was my choice for the front and have been waiting for an XR4 for the rear of the Stache but after seeing your review just now I’m off to the LBS to order a DHR 29″ * 3″. Thank You!

Iron Ore says:

What is the narrowest rim option for this tire? Is 30 too narrow?

Mike Montana says:

Great review. can you help with tire height (measured from rim edge) and width when mounted?

Henrywildeberry says:

Great information, Nick! This was really helpful. It’s so difficult to choose off-road tires. There are so many factors to consider. What I thought was interesting was the different durometer’s for the center, middle, and sides. That’s a pretty sophisticated composition for a bike tire. Also, it was great to hear your experience using different tires on different terrain, and your thoughts on what tire would suite certain situations better.

manitou2200 says:

Very good review Nick!!

I have both the DHRII and the DHF in the 3C compound. I am running them on a custom FTW 29+ steel bike with a Karmpus fork and custom I9/ Velocity Dually wheels. My set weighed in at 1133g on the DHF and 1104g on the DHRII. The width, mounted on my Velocity Dually 45mm/ 39mm IW rims are: DHF 2.94″ and DHRII 2.92″.

I have to say that I am blown away with the performance of these tires. Nick is pretty much right on but I think they both roll equally well. I don’t feel the DHF gives up any rolling efficiency the the DHR. I had both the Knard which i dismounted and will sell to install these and the Chupacabra which I’ll keep but I may not use much after having these Minions. I actually feel like they roll better than the Knard and they don’t buzz at speed like the Knard partly because of the ramp’d center knobs.I also dropped 60g in total weight from the Knards to these Minions. with the Knards, I needed two layers of Gorilla tape on top of a center layer of tape and a one piece 31mm tubeless rim strip and lots of sealant to get the Knards to seal tubeless. I had an extra 110g of tape and rim strip to make the Knards work. The Minions feel lighter on the bike, they run truer at speed and have gobs and gobs of grip. I haven’t run them on much paved road yet but I’m struggling to find a weakness in them for their size and grip.

I’ve been running tubless MTB tires for 14 years now and started using Stan’s system ghetto tubeless back when there was only UST tubeless tires and non tubeless tires. These Minions were absolutely the easiest tires to set up tubeless of any tires that I’ve ever mounted and I’ve mounted a lot of tires tubless. They are great tires and definitely worth the investment!

Le Germain says:

What a great review, you didn’t miss a thing!

Kevin Kees says:

Nick, I just subscribed to your channel because of this review of the Maxxis Minion DHR II 29+ 3.0; great information! I am fairly new to the MTB scene and have only been riding since Dec. ‘17. I’m rolling on a 2017 Stache 5 that came stocked with the Chupacabras. I am based in Baton Rouge and the trails down in South LA are fairly hard packed, have spots of sand scattered throughout and can get a little muddy after hard rains. We have smallish to medium size roller coaster hills in the woods with plenty of roots wherever. I’m not happy with the small knobs of the Chup. especially in the sand and mud, very squirrelly. Is the Minion too much of a tire for me with all its rolling resistance? My only other option is the Bontrager Team Issue XR4. Which would be a better option for the trails down here in South Louisiana, which are usually polished, hard packed, and often technical? Thanks!!

LeonardOutdoors_NM says:

Thanks for the review and suggestions. I also have Stache 5, and the Chupacabras just aren’t inspiring the confidence as you said. Hope to get at least one Minion soon. 🙂

Ypuh says:

Thubs up, cut the beard. Cheers.

Cogfather says:

I’ve had the DHF/DHR ll for a year and agree with your review. However I found that they are slower rolling than the Chupacabras on buff, smooth trails, but excel on chunky and sharp Arizona trails where thicker casings are required or loamy and loose gnar of the North Shore.
Well wearing and beefy.
Highly recommended.

Chrl Mlln says:

Thank you so very much for this excellent review giving a good help for finding the best tire for amazing rides! Please keep up your good work here sir! Wishing you happy and safe rides! Best Regards from Sweden! 🙂

Andy A says:

nick, sooooo glad you put up this vid. heading to pisgah with my salsa deadwood 29+ and need something beefier than the WTB rangers (which are great tires for midwest singletrack). this seems like the only good and very appropriate tire for NC gnar. so are you suggesting DHR front and rear or would the DHF be solid in the front? not concerned about riding to the trailhead. what a timely video! thanks nick!!

Doug Goodenough says:

Great review.   I took your advice and installed the DHR2 on the front of my stache.   First ride impressions are fantastic compared to Chupa (which I did not dislike).   It did not feel any slower than the chupa and I felt the steering was more precise and with less of a bouncy ride than I got with the chupa out front.   Braking as expected was amazing!   Just ordered one to put out back.

Bastien Chanot says:

Cool review, but DHF means Freeride, not front and DHR is for Race, not rear. Pretty common misconception among us riders and that’s a shame considering that the DHF is an amazing front tire like you said.

Tim Coleman says:

Have you tried the dirt wizards? I’m thinking about trying those for more grip the the chronicles.

Kevin Kees says:

Hey Nick, can you please break down why you and others are choosing to ride the DHR on the back And front end instead of the DHR/DHF combo as intended by Maxxis? What are the benefits of the dual DHR setup over the usual R/F setup. Is there that much of a difference to notice? Are there times/conditions where the R/F is more beneficial? Trying to decide on how to go with the DH setup on my Stache 5 for my single track local trail down in South Louisiana, Baton Rouge. My trail conditions are mentioned in my comments below this one. Thanks man!

stoenchu122 says:

All tires you went through before that can’t compare with DHR 2, simple because they are fox XC.

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