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It’s hard for me to complain about the Mongoose Dolomite, since it’s a sub $200 fat bike. No, it doesn’t shift nicely, and yes, it has one of those terrible seat clamps with the bolts on the sides. It’s precisely compromises like these that make super cheap bikes possible. So with that understanding, I’ll give an overview of this bike’s strong and weak points.

First of all the paint job is impressive. Even the rims have a nice red powder coat on them, which does a pretty good job of hiding this huge weld. The saddle is also quite comfortable.

The rear derailleur is from Shimano’s Tourney group set, which is suspiciously absent from their website. Although I see it available for $6 on the internet, I think it might be the most expensive part on this entire drivetrain.

Speaking of drivetrains, I’ve gotta give credit to Mongoose for setting this up with a 1x. This makes the bike much cleaner and more mechanically sound. With that said, I think they should have chosen a smaller chainring for the front. At 47 pounds, this thing is pretty hard to pedal on flat, let alone on sand or up hill. I will say though that it’s lighter than my last bike by a full pound—of course on that bike I packed the components with sand and pumped the tires full of water.

The disc brakes suck terribly, but surprisingly they are totally adjustable like normal ones. Most department store bikes are built in some proprietary way that makes them difficult or impossible to service. This bike breaks that trend to some extent. That makes me wonder if a better set of pads would improve the stopping power. For now, all I need to do is stop pedaling and the bike comes to standstill pretty fast.

I was especially happy to see a threadless headset. Compared to a threaded headset and quill stem, this feels incredibly solid, and dare I say—safe. I expect this headset to hold up much better than my last one, and I also expect the alignment to stay put.

I have ridden quite a few fat tire bikes, and they were generally heavy and sluggish compared to their skinny counterparts. Still, I was always pleasantly surprised at how well they handled for their size. Not this bike. Sure, if you pump the tires to 20PSI it rolls and steers well, but it’s then useless on sand or chattery terrain. Reduce the pressure to 10 PSI, like a real fat bike, and its off-road performance does improve. Unfortunately, this makes the bike extremely difficult to control, as the steering pulls whichever way you’re turning. I think this is due to the cheap tires, which are pretty thick and shaped oddly. I also think wider bars and a shorter stem would make this bike easier to manage.

If you have this bike and want to give it an upgrade, I might recommend that shorter stem paired with cheap set of 760mm bars.

Even after these shortcomings, I firmly believe this Mongoose Dolomite is a marvel of engineering. Like I said, everything on this is a compromise, designed to keep it below $200. As a society we asked for a cheap fat bike, and here it is. It may seem like certain things could have been made better for the same price though. For instance, would a smaller chainring in the front have changed the price? Well, maybe. You see these bikes benefit from economies of scale, or using parts that can be produced in mass quantity. So, it could have been that this very popular crankset/chainring combination was actually the cheapest route. This scenario is very likely, and is probably the case for many other parts on this bike. So, we don’t really have the right to nitpick the gear ratio.

So now for the real question; why did I buy this bike? Why not a nice fat bike? Well, I have some plans which I wouldn’t have the heart to carry out on a bike like that. If you’ve been following my videos, you could probably guess that the Dolomite is gonna have a rough week.

Stay tuned, because in the next video, things might get a little salty.

Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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XxRaze_Playz RBLX says:

“its fat”

James Ledesma says:

Does a company that electrified that bike that made that by go 30 miles an hour and made it a fun bike but it cuz you needed to have these torque on building a built the torcon for it but overall if you were to buy a bike since you beat the shit out of it I’m a heavy guy what bike would you start with I don’t want to throw money away on it I’m not going to be jumping in the string Like You Do by the abuse that what you do these bikes with me like a pretty good 300-pound person on it and busy running around town I will never do what you do the bike that I will want it by knowing that you can do that cuz if I think you should be able to hold my weight and last long enough I need to find one like this so I can make mine electrified and what why would you like to fly from the get-go Off the Shelf has the right stuff on it that you need Rim hydraulic brakes I buy Best Choice when it comes to electric brakes I mean this brings this brakes are not that great rim rim hydraulic brakes are the best then we can go to the discard but I would rather go with ram hydraulic brakes and put it electric Drive in which bike do I start with that’s give me the right gear package for the for the bbshd middle insert which bike do I start with but wheels and rims does it come with what would be the best thing to start with Tire like I don’t know how you going to go through every component I just want something that’s going to work and I can beat it up on the street driving it to and from places not like they’re you’re going to do it but I want to be have a little bit of fun and lose some weight but I got to have a bike in it going to break cuz I’m too heavy on it why don’t you guys all use Mongoose rims where you use the rims that are basically not spoke during forecast they’re made out of aluminum they’re solid and not going to have folks in them the rear DaVinci hubs and when they have no sprockets that’s why you talking about this should be able to take a little bitty motorcycle on use the shock system in the rims off of it and make yourself a bike if you want me to electric and make it beautiful able to do what you’re doing 20 * 12 get rims that are indestructible like a moped Ram or something that’s better than what you guys are putting on these bikes unless you got to the drivetrain to drivetrain and a fucking the smokes if they don’t fail the whole bike is not compromised you get the right frame and if now works but you’re going to go that crazy jumping down hill shit like they doom obviously fucking very risky and not many people have that stupid enough to go fucking 40 miles an hour will have a cream fucking one inch away from their handlebar we’re going to bust into it and then Wipeout Wipeout so many times do that are still alive

Gangsta Loaded Eret lool yůr face says:

sounds like mjq.

Texas Exile says:

When I lived in Northern Idaho, the only readably available fat bikes went for $1500.  At $200, I would have run not walked to buy this bike.  For general purpose use, fat tire bikes like this are rather pointless.  Once the novelty wears off, they go on craigslist. It is in riding snow/ice that this type of bike earns its keep.  North of the 48th parallel?  They are going to sell a lot of these sled dogs.

by haxx says:

Make a vid on how to do endo in fat bike

Bilal Subhopoto says:

if any could tell the difference between mongoose dolomite and mongoose malus

900 STX says:

The steering pulls too which ever way your turning. What ?

robert lombardo says:

Hello last year when you first did this review you talked about upgrading this bike. Has any other entry level fat bikes come up worth a review. I watched your how to bike trail in your yard the other day which you made an 8 foot drop ramp. I’m to old 60 and looking for a fat bike that i can ride in vegas. Home of the rock garden. Everywhere you go in town rocks so i feel the bigger tires would help. Anything new please keep up the reviews.

RockyMTN steeze says:

Fat Tire Bikes are meant for snow pack trails. They are popular on cross country ski trails in Colorado.

Edwin Torrez says:

review on the redline grizz fat bike please

Evan Strad says:


Calvin Wynn says:

I want one but me and m friends are pretty tuff on our bikes we are on a lot of ruff terrain all the time… well mostly and it is easy with my bike to just go pick up a 26 inner tube from anywhere unlike something with this bike

Gangsta Loaded Eret lool yůr face says:

weak limbs i bet i can hit the nike trail and mantainj good speed



Jhonel Gaming_15 says:

Seth bike’s hack can you send me some bike parts I need a group set like Deore and hubs 32 holes if you want to message me this is my account in Facebook Jhonel Andrei Briones

James Ledesma says:

If you give me about the bike at the bike it handle the abuse that you’re putting it through them available to be able to use it on normal bike on the regular Street where nobody will be abusing it’ll last forever but able to do what you’re doing with it will make it make sure that it will last for a normal person I can’t find a bike it’s normal that I’m not going to be riding I’ll do a little bit of curb hopping but nothing where I’m going to drop for fucking feet under the rims with 200 lb of my weight on top of it or three hundred pounds of my way on top of it that will destroy any bike with with spoke rims why aren’t you picking up by to the police in like five spoke rims why don’t you look why you guys all go back to the Smoke crap which is not even a motorcycle

Pushyhog says:

You in miami.

by haxx says:

Make a vid on how to do endo in fat bike

James Ledesma says:

I don’t understand how electric bikes you don’t endorse and going down these Hills electric bikes will be able to put people like me on bikes at I can’t ride on like the way you ride o cuz you weigh so much lighter than me because you don’t want to have people will share your Trails or whatever I don’t understand how can electric bike be anywheres I’m not going to be going the speed you go and then making you go faster I want to be able to go yours beads with my weight which means my how many electric-assist bike and exactly the same thing you’re doing without the with the electric to keep up with you that’s all we’re doing we’re catching up to you when I’m going to go beyond what you can do what was he like it’s just that’s different that’s what makes the bike trail not usable if you got on it and it to the next level of height if I can keep up with you on a regular electric bikes are doing what you’re doing right now that would make it fair trade I will never be able to be on the trail with you you’re discriminating against anybody heavy to go down your beat down your vehicles down your Trail because nobody can ride them and you can barely ride them please trails in the way you ride bikes you’re making it to only people that are in thick shape can go on these trails and nobody else that is out of the out of the loram will ever be able to ride a trail you endorse only stuff that benefits you

Crazysirb 223 says:

You should check out the mongoose terrex

Erik Caballero says:

What upgrades could you add to make it better

Lauren's custom bikes says:

Walmart 20 ing fat bikes are good for parts on a Schwinn stingray chopper bike

baazaan i says:

Can we ride at road

Jhon Tampos says:

uhmm seth can you make a video using that fatbike IN TRAIL?????????

Strike Gaming says:

Try to wheelie on fat bike

viva la pachanga!! says:

I already seen many on cl trying to get rid of this dumb ass bikes just a temporary thing thank god i never bought one of this ugly ass bike!!

крапива says:

You should review the Northrock XCOO fat bike. (It can be found at Costco)

Allen Chellasamy says:

You should review the northrock fat bike

vung sen says:

Mongoose bmxs are epic

Gangsta Loaded Eret lool yůr face says:

nike trail hahah .

Blade Owens says:

Try handcycleing explore 3

N Gooding says:

Where do you live Seth?

baazaan i says:

can we ride at road

Captain Chicken says:

“In the next video, things are gonna get a little salty.”

david samala says:

Thanks for a realistic review on a bike in this price range too many people criticize this bike and snob at the people who ride em

Elysiah Alexandra says:


Texas Bassin' says:

Hey seth, is it a possibility you can get this bike and review it because I have a cheap budget and I think I might ask for it for Christmas or my birthday.

Jerod Wolford says:

i have a plus bike with same drive train…it’s garbage. i like shimano. just not the tourney set up

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