Airless bike tires! NEXO tire installation

NEXO bike tires. Installation video

I hate flat tires! This is THE solution. I found out about these on kickstarter. I ordered my tires in a red option and think they look pretty good!

Nexo Tires:

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Equipment for video:
GoPro Hero 5 Black:


Tomoko Abe says:

I ordered Tannus tires.

ročník 62 ročník 62 says:

Použiji Slime gel. Velkým sprejem ošetřím proti průpichu až 4 ráfky, tedy 2 jízdní kola za 400 kč a tyto inovace rád přenechám slečnám na pobřežních cyklodráhách Floridy, Hong Kongu… Zde, v Praze, zcela zbytečné.

Laura Hinds says:

Thanks for the more in-depth how-to on the install! The company-produced one is not as good to see what to do!

Suzanne Ralph says:

I tried these once and I swear these damn things felt like I was riding on a beach…it felt bogged down. I sent them right back.

Joshua says:

Have you tried the Tannus yet? I’m a daily commuter/tourer and am just fed up. $80 for a Schwalbe and then $20 for a fancy tube? Gripe, gripe, you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

PK P says:

I just installed Tannus tires on my road bike. Pretty much the same thing

Stef Noci says:

Just wondering what happens if you need to change the spoke nut? Can you take off the tyre and put it back on?

lola pearce says:

nothing wrong with riding for the joy of riding…fast, slow, whatever

Xylows says:

Will this be available for the fat bike tire?

R. Bushmann says:

Hey love the work chair

Jason Rogers says:

Just bounce tire and rim on ground to get them studs in

AeKs. H4L says:

Since it’s been a year how have they lasted

tu mu says:

Mine is roam 3 bike, a hybrid bike.
Can I use this product for my bike???

Jelmer ten Hoeve says:

thx for your tuturial it helped me a lot,
I put the tire, from ali express, on my old race rims (40 years old),
2 prolbems
– i didn’t get any buds (where can i get them?? no on Ali, no On Amazone)
– the rims are not with an inner edge.. just straith like a U

so I installed without.. is that a big problem?
But It fits very well and is super tight, need to fix the breaks and I can test.

Joshua says:

Dude, thank you for the video.

Tony Castro says:

Thank you for the info, I appreciate it, happy riding.

Zoological Militia says:

You half to have clincher rims and magnum rims don’t have them so that option is out of the picture, next oh, please.

R. Bushmann says:

So A friend of mine have these tires and he say there is drag.

Tony Castro says:

My question is, what is the comparable psi to the firmness of the material, I ride with 120 psi, with your set up are the tires soft and mushy or firm like 100 psi tires?

hyou zan ren says:

solid state tires is owesome!

Harold Aubry says:

Neat product! Have you noticed any difference in the ride?

Tyrell Stewart says:

me to


So besides No flats, which is very cool! Now for the Important question?!, are the treads built to last???

Veranda Tales says:

pls do a follow up on what you have found out

Gene Cole says:

Price vs Reg. tire?

Paul S says:

more brands of these coming out. I think the leading tire line is Tannus. at ~$80 for a 700c 40, prices will come down as popularity grows in the next couple years. I’d be comfortable paying like $60 and they will pay for themselves within 800 miles or so. they are a bit stiffer than some may like as I read about em. equal to 80-90psi, but good grip wet/dry road conditions.

Ronnie Woods Bellmont Sound's says:

Funny how some guys can make a simple job look hard.

Tony Castro says:

Want would be the psi?

Blaine Bickle says:

hey does anyone know if a solid tire 26×4 fat tire or tube exists?

Muhammad Abdu Salem says:

I want buy this tires online .. can you tell me where i find it

Derek Wildash says:

Looks to me like NEXO should offer you a job! Great video.Thanks.

Differend things says:

What is rooling resistance of this tyres?

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