5 Reasons You Should Switch To Tubeless MTB Tyres | Mountain Bike Maintenance

Here at GMBN we love tubeless, it’s one of the best value for money upgrades to a Mountain Bike we think you can make. So these are Scotty’s top 5 reasons why you should go tubeless too!

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You can go tubeless for less than the price of a few tubes and hopefully never have to buy one again! If you have any other reasons why you love tubeless then let us know in the comments.

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Hek Lik says:

Tubeless you need to have sealant , co2. it needs more maintenance than with inner tube.

Hayley Sahara says:

so he never heard of the tube sealants, or smart tubes. alright 😀

Colin Edward says:

Tubeless absolute waste of time, effort and money in my experience. I’ve had rocks put holes in tyre side walls that it obviously can’t seal, then you have a right mess on your hands putting a tube in. Also the amount of times I come back to bike in garage and the tyres have gone flat after a week of being stood, valves that won’t seal into rims, valves that the inner comes out with the cap because the sealant has glued them together is always a good one on a ride when you want to let a bit of air out not the whole lot. If someone offered you two options a messy option with a tyre and bead that’s hard to break and make and impossible to fix out and about without a tube and you have to keep replacing the sealant (bloody joke)or a tyre with a tube that you fix with a glue less patch or replace tube for a few quid and no mess, I know which option I’ve gone back too and others I ride with have as well, just companies trying to make more dosh. Rant over haha.

Dimi Volvach says:

I like the hair style

Fuzzy Was says:

as far as the weight of tubeless versus non tubeless you forgot about the rim tape and the rubber Rim strip.

RC Monster Mash Studio says:

what about a tube and sealant?

tom Taylor says:

I’ve enquired and for about 40-50 English pound na not worth the hassle keep Yu money,,,

voceteo10 1 says:

So tired of how tubeless is better I call bullshit on that I run heavy duty tubes with greenslime never had a flat and I can run 15psi with no problem anything past 22psi is too stiff. Lighter yes but if one layer of protection is better I would like to know how

António F. says:

What about if you do jumps and drops?

GamePcCenter says:

I converted one of my bikes to tubeless and it seemed like the tires had a different profile. Does that happen, because there’s no tube inside and the tires inflate much more evenly or I just imagined it?

kitsune just knows says:

If my tube gets a hole in it I can by another for a couple a bucks.

Dan Gamer says:

…I had sealant in my bikes with tubes growing up and it worked the same way he is showing with tubeless. So how is sealant a “reason”

Marciel Industries says:

I’m old school. Drilled out my rims for shrader valves and I run slime in my tubes. I’ve never had a pinch flat or puncture, also changing tires isnt a messy job when the sealant is inside the tube not the rim. I’m 245 lbs and my bike isn’t carbon so I really dont care about a few extra ounces.

YoungRe3hunnid says:

You guys didnt add the tape on the tubless set up that might make up to an extra 28-56 g. Like when you wrap up a pack n ship it off and gotta pay that extra shipping on the couple ounces

Florian Pickworth says:

I’ve run Slime tubes for many years and I think the last time I changed the tube I counted a good ten or so ‘wounds’ but not sure if converting is so beneficial – or is it me just being a ‘stick-in-mud’?

Hardscoping Chinchilla says:

I still like tubes. Lol

Gwynn Jason Arevalo says:

Oh no, i just bought myself a new pr of schwalbe tubes. 29×2.5

Awesomeness Rc says:

I can understand killing a couple kilograms but unless your living of bike racing 100 grams (not taking into effect rotational Physics) is negligible

LillianGardner0214 says:

Splitting hairs

N D says:

Do you run tubeless with no rim tape?

Rameshbhai Parmar says:

what was the syrup or anything did you put inside the tube and its not puncture

Steve Muir says:

There are all sorts of reasons for going tubeless but most of the comments have been about the weight saving , ( and a fair bit about the weight of the rim tape) so I thought I would just add this to the pot for a stir . The 26 x 2.1 Kenda slant 6s I have come as tube only 120 dpi DTC and 120 dpi DTC + SCT. The SCT were slightly more than 100 gm heavier than the tube only tyre as the side walls were thicker and stiffer. The tube only tyres were not available in Aust and the SCT was what the bike shop ordered in for me. You can feel the 100 gm and the stiffer sidewalls for sure on the front. I was going to convert it to tubeless but found the tube only ones in the UK for half price and stuck with tubes. Only had 2 pinch flats in the last 6 years when I was too lazy to check the pressures before the ride. (we have pretty smooth tracks before I accused of not riding enough)

A v A says:

Does the x3 weight multiplier change when going tubeless 24″ < 26" >< 27.5" > 29″ ?

connar wright says:

0:32 “hey presta”

Round of applause

Mephisto says:

solid arguments, but in the end running a liquid in a wheel doesn’t make any sense to me. Am I wrong?

Remco Bloemendal says:

just fill your Wheels with helium

Милан Ћирилица says:

Well im going tubeless !

BTW I have Scot Voltage YZ 20 and its not bad for 500eur


Your calculation is wrong.

Jon Samuel says:

Im new to this channel and bikes in general and i dont understand why ppl are talking abt 100grams like it is a big deal. Isn’t weight supposed to be a problem only for the pros? I’d rather ride a 18 kilo bike that excites me n makes me wna ride everyday then a more expensive 15kilo bike that doesn’t excite me as much

James Ibbett says:

Firstly there was no rim tape added, second tubeless specific tires weigh more than standard (inner tube) tires.

dan laesu says:

and 500 reasons to switch to airless tires :))) #stopaflat

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