10 MTB Product Reviews to argue about in the comments

In this video we’ll take a look at 10 products either directly related to mountain biking and cycling, or at least relevant to this audience. After you hear my opinion on these products you can argue about them with a bunch of other anonymous people, as this is the funnest part.

Everything in the video can be found below
Helmetor Hooks http://amzn.to/2HIcgA7
Strike Knee Pads http://amzn.to/2GEuRvG
Seat Protectors http://amzn.to/2BLB1uQ
SofTopper https://www.softopper.com/
Industry Nine Matchstix https://industrynine.com/matchstix/
Yi 4K+ Action Camera http://amzn.to/2HFtbDy
All Mountain Style Guards https://goo.gl/8xRR6b
Road Bike Wall Stand http://amzn.to/2FpfEPR
Victorinox Bike Tool http://amzn.to/2EMw3kr

Thanks to my channel sponsors for supporting me, even with a broken wrist.
Diamondback http://diamondback.com
Box Components http://boxcomponents.com
Slime Tubeless Sealant https://shop.slime.com/collections/tubeless-bicycle-tire-sealant

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Milky Way Galaxy says:

Seth i want you to review trinxs bikes

Claudio Silva MTB says:

great work Seth, i hope see you soon back in trails

Damon Pearse says:

please can you do a list of the best bike parks in europe

Tom pennington says:

You should buy a downhill bike 🙂

Matthew C says:

compare riding with a backpack vs without and the circumstance when one may be better over the other

Rodrigo Gimén says:

but the helmet dont neet that bra hahah
because you can throw everywhere xD

Travis Ferral says:

Do more road bike videos

Jesse Richardson says:

I use clear hockey tape for frame protection. So cheap and easy to apply.

kangsterizer says:

the vic multitool is amazing btw. way under rated

McCade Campbell says:

You should do more videos on bike stands.

JOSH5OH says:

Whoa whoa whoa. Why are you coming to Anaheim?

Brandon Perez says:

But… Tacoma though.

Brent Matthews says:

Check out and review the Topeak Torqbox. I think they are an awesome little tool.

Under saddle storage bags too, compared to the backcountry research straps style of storage.


Phoenix Ashwin says:

Do you have a girlfriend

Chloe Shivers says:

How to fix scratches on bikes that are already there

Robert Miller says:

You should start doing vlogs love you vids good job

Nick O says:

Just road bike and tell stories

.. For now,
please god just for now

Joseph Malig says:

Driving to OC?

HUMAM80 says:

Gloves and hydration
Thank you Seth

Random Stuff says:

Make a new video on your bike dungeon and all your stuff in your garage

ki chris says:

Would anyone recommend trek marlin 7 as a starter bike?

Peter Watson says:

Take the honda 4 wheeling- oh wait

Hunter W says:

Great video. Very helpful

sapinva says:

Should have just gotten the Odyssey. More room, plush ride, but still not a Tacoma (maybe paint some flames on the sides).

Milky Way Galaxy says:

Do a review on your diamond back fat bike

Nathaniel Bernard says:

Seth why don’t you do more bmx hacks when you can ride

Jon Basham says:

more tight space storage stuff. the helmet hooks might useful on the back door for more storage. working with a space slightly bigger than your old one in Florida. Storing bikes, tools, and a repair stand for rainy days in a 7×7 plastic building. mounting is an art for everything.

WWNSX says:

I’d like to see more on bike security; specifically bike skewers for wheels and seat posts.

David Plampin says:

cheap intergratedtool storage

kangsterizer says:

heli tape or racer tape cheaper better

Parkour Just do it says:

Seth I’ve you ever go to the uk for mtb you should you to revolution bike park.

Will Evans says:

Thanks for touching on why you picked that Ridgeline.

The Smaz says:

I went and checked out a RIdgeline today after watching you review of it. Nice vehicle and surprised how roomy it was even for my 6’4″ 225lb self. Even with my small travel trailer I’d be afraid of exceeding the cargo capacity pretty easily and I’m considering getting a bigger trailer this season. Thanks for the review of all the products.

steve simmons says:

Hey Seth! Big fan man. I noticed in this video that you had a Diamondback El Oso Complete Fatty! I just bought one and I love it. Any chance you could shoot a video with some tips and pointers for fat bike riding? Thanks man, love the videos!

Tristan Lee says:

Whats wrong with hondas

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